CINEMOOD’s second generation projectors are equipped with passive cooling system, which means its cooling system won’t start working until the device gets overheated. And when you find out that your CINEMOOD projector is sending an overheating signal, following the tips below will help your projector cool down faster.

  1. Don’t let the CINEMOOD projector keep being charged and working at the same time, since this will stress the projector and cause it working under high temperature.
  2. Don’t rush to turn off the CINEMOOD projector, leave the device some time to working it heat dissipation to cool down.
  3. When your CINEMOOD projector keeps in a slightly movement while projecting, like holding it in hands to projector. Enter the Menu Settings to turn off the Keystone Correction of projector, because the keystone correction will keep working to correct the image and then get the device overheated.

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