There two methods to register a CINEMOOD projector account. This guide will get you through the steps to get a CINEMOOD account.

Method 1: Register account when activate the projector

Register your CINEMOOD account with your mobile phone number and email address when you activate the projector.


Method 2: Register a CINEMOOD account manually?

To access all the capabilities available on the CINEMOOD device and to be able to download applications and additional content, you will need to register and authorize an account. To do this, follow the directions below:

1) Connect the CINEMOOD device to WiFi

2) Go to the menu option: Settings;


3) Under “Settings” go to: Account;


4) Enter a mobile phone number; you will then receive an SMS code to authorize your account setup.


5) Enter the code received via SMS.

6) Registration completed.

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