DLP and LCD Projector which is better?The disadvantage of DLP projectors is that they are prone to the rainbow effect, The disadvantage of monolithic LCD projectors is the average contrast ratio.

The biggest advantage of LCD projector is that the three primary colors of red, green and blue are done by 3 separated LCD plates, which can control the brightness and contrast of each color individually, and the three colors of light can reach the screen almost at the same time, so it can truly reproduce various colors.

DLP and LCD Projector which is better

The color separation of a single DLP projector is achieved by a color separation wheel, and the three colors of light are reflected using the same micro-mirror modulation, so the three colors of light arrive at the screen at different times, and due to the limitations of the color separation wheel speed and micro-mirror deflection speed, there is a certain gap in color reproduction compared to LCD projectors. Especially when displaying dynamic video images, LCD technology will have an advantage over DLP technology due to the faster image refresh rate and the higher modulation speed required for each color.

Because most DLP projectors use a monolithic structure with simple optics, they can achieve a smaller size and lighter weight. Because of the reflective principle, DLP projectors can achieve a higher black and white contrast ratio.LCD consists of three colors of light converging into one pixel point, while single-chip DLP projectors have all three colors of light reflected from the same micro-mirror to the same pixel point, so there is no convergence problem, so the edges of the pixel point do not have some shadows as in LCD, so when displaying some fine lines and small font size text, DLP projectors The DLP projector will be sharper than the LCD projector, with purer blacks and whites and richer grayscale levels.

DLP Projectors

  1. Pros: High contrast ratio, long lamp life for the most part, vivid colors in general, average brightness.
  2. Disadvantages: is prone to rainbow effect, now the technology has greatly reduced the chances of occurrence, but can not be completely resolved, it can be said to be a technical flaw, difficult to completely solve, resolution also according to the price point, up to 4k resolution.

Single-chip LCD projector

  1. Advantages: relatively low price, low maintenance costs can be used continuously for a long time, frequent light switch will not reduce the lamp life, long lamp life, color is generally better than most ordinary dlp projector color, contrast ratio is generally, almost than 3LCD.
  2. The disadvantage: the brightness is low, usually around 1000 to 1500lm. In short, this price point can get the effect of the money spent is worth, low resolution, usually 1280×720.