Recently, Xming Projector officially announced that it will release the Xming Q3 projector on May 10.

According to the currently available poster, the new product resembles its predecessor, the Xming Q2 projector in appearance. It has a white minimalist body and an elliptical shape on the front.

According to reports, Xming Projector has introduced new product models such as the Xming Q1/Q2/Q2 Pro. The products are all 1080P LCD projectors that support smart obstacle avoidance, smart voice, and other intelligent operations.

The Xming Q2 projector has 700 ANSI lumens brightness, a built-in WANOS panoramic sound effect, and a FAV picture quality engine. It is equipped with omnidirectional auto-correction, auto-focus, auto-screen obstacle avoidance, etc. It has passed SGS low blue light eye protection certification, and the new product launched this time may be a series of upgrades on this configuration.

The official has not yet revealed more Xming Q3 projector parameters configuration information, please stay tuned for more new features.

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