Nowadays, there are many people replacing TV with new projectors. What are the differences between them? Can A Laser TV (Laser Projector) Replace a Real TV?

After spending the last few months testing Laser TV models in the living room, the author ended up sticking with the Hisense L9G. The Hisense worked the best considering its brightness and gaming capabilities but can it really replace a TV?

Just check the video.

0:00 Introduction

0:19 Ad

1:27 Initial Thoughts

2:25 Laser Benefits: Size

3:13 Laser Benefits: Cost

4:06 Laser Benefits: Portability

4:29 Laser Benefits: Sound

4:55 TV Benefits: Brightness

5:30 TV Benefits: Black Levels

6:17 TV Benefits: Room Space

7:06 TV Benefits: Gaming

7:49 Final Thoughts

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Video Author: Chris Majestic

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