Read this guide to fix FUDONI Aurora P3 Projector can’t be controled by the remote control.

FUDONI Aurora P3 Projector houses USB/HDMI/AV/Audio port, is featured with native 1920x1080P resolutions, 12000:1 contrast ratio and high brightness rating of 340 ANSI lumen, this FUDONI Aurora P3 full HD projector offers brighter, clearer and more vivid pictures.

FUDONI Aurora P3 Projector

Steps to fix FUDONI Aurora P3 Projector remote not working

1. Check if there is any obstacle between the product and the remote control.

2. When replacing the batteries, make sure that they are properly installed according to the polarities (+, -).

3. Replace both used batteries with new ones.

The remote control may not work properly where a lamp with electronic stabilizer or a three-wavelength lamp is installed. In this case, replace the lamp with electronic stabilizer or the three-wavelength lamp with international standard products to ensure the remote control works properly.

FUDONI Aurora P3 Projector

In this case you solve the problem of FUDONI Aurora P3 Projector remote won’t respond.

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