At present, projectors for home use are basically divided into 3 types: DLP projectors, Laser projectors and LCD projectors.

Here we are going to discuss LCD projectors, which is also synonymous with low-end projectors.

At first, let’s take a look at the major components of LCD projectors: lens, Fresnel lens, LCD panel, LED lamp, cooling system.

Lens: consists of several convex lenses and concave lenses, is the core elements of light path. The quality of lens is directly related to the quality of the projected image. LCD projectors usually come in long focus, and lens made in glass. The glass lens is also coated to improve luminousness.

Fresnel lens: LCD projectors have two Fresnel lenses, one is to condense light, another is to emit light. Their task is to reduce the loss of light.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panel: the opening rate and resolution of the LCD panel, and its high-temperature resistance is critical to the quality of the projected image.

LED lamp: environmentally friendly, and has a longer lifespan.

Cooling system: cool down the projector and protect it from the damage caused by high temperatures.

How do LCD projectors work?

 A powerful light source emits a beam of intense, white light on the LCD panel, LCD analyzes and separates the light into red, green, and blue lights, then combines them to produce the image.

In a word, no matter LCD projectors, DLP projectors or Laser projectors, they are all named according to the image produce technology.