For film and television enthusiasts, there can be no TV at home, but no projector. The price of home smart projectors is not high now. Buying a projector is not so burdensome for many families, but home smart projectors How to buy, today I will share with you the knowledge of projection, mainly looking at the following 10 points.

  1. Display technology and display chip

The simplest principle of the projector is that the light source is directed to the display chip, and then shot on the screen through the projection lens to produce a picture. No matter how complicated it is, we know that the display chip directly affects the picture quality, color and resolution of the final lake surface of the projection.

Different imaging technologies may not be the same in projection details, but the difference is not big, so I won’t expand here. At present, home projectors use DLP projection technology.

Looking at the size of the display chip DMD, you can know its final impact on the picture. The current mainstream projection resolution is 720P and 1080P, and the resolution uses 0.33DMD and 0.47DMD.

Now there is still a 4K jitter. The 0.47DMD chip can also show a 4K picture through the technology of dithering the picture pixels. Although it can’t achieve the effect of true 4K, it still has a good picture performance. At present, some projectors will choose this solution.

  1. Projection light source

The display chip determines the color and resolution of the picture, and the projection light source determines the final brightness of the projector to the greatest extent. There are currently three types of projection light sources, LED, laser and bulb light sources, of which laser light sources are the most practical and have With the advantages of high brightness, high-quality colors, long life, and low energy consumption, many cinema projectors also use laser light sources.

  1. Projection ratio

After talking about the display chip and the projection light source, you have to look at the lens at the end. The lens will affect the zoom and throw ratio. Nowadays, the projectors generally use fixed-focus lenses. The current home projectors generally have a throw ratio of 1.2, 1.2m. The screen width of 1m can be projected from a distance.

  1. Basic configuration

The basic configuration is the processor, memory, Bluetooth, interface, etc. The excellent processor and large running memory can make the system movement more smoothly, and there will be no freezes when watching movies or playing games. Now the projector The basic configuration of the camera is pretty good, and there will not be much difference between the projections of the same price.

  1. Keystone correction

Functions such as keystone correction and side projection are very important for home projectors. After all, home projectors are generally not installed directly on the wall. The side projection function becomes especially important. At present, this function is done by each individual. Dangbei and XGIMI are doing well in the industry.

  1. Refresh rate

Refresh rate is also very important for projectors. For watching movies, there is a motion compensation. Ordinary 60-frame pictures are inserted through technology. Some can achieve 120 frames, but the projector itself needs Supports such a high refresh rate, because in addition to watching movies, if you use a projector to play games, the refresh rate is also very important, which will directly affect the user experience.

  1. Intelligent system

For smart projection, smart system is very important, it affects our smoothness of use, some projection system layout is complicated, it is very troublesome to use. Compared with some current home projectors, the configuration is almost the same, the configuration is the same, and the price is similar. In this case, whether the system is easy to use has become the focus of projector selection.

  1. Noise

Noise is also very important for projectors and affects the home life experience. At present, many Dangbei projectors are controlled below 25dB, which is very good for daily use.

  1. Speaker

Home projectors usually bring their own speakers. How can I say, the performance is average, better than a mobile phone, worse than a serious speaker, and if possible, an external speaker can be connected.

  1. Volume and weight

The last is the size and weight. The size and weight of current home projectors are relatively small, but there are also size differences. This depends on personal preference, but the configuration of small projectors is relatively general.

After reading the above 10 points, in general, the most important thing for current projectors is the brightness of the projector. At present, household projectors use LED light sources. The brightness is generally 2000 ANSI lumens, while the brightness of laser projection can be increased to Above 3000 ANSI lumens, in addition to high brightness, the laser light source has the advantages of “good color, low energy consumption, and long service life”.