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A Simple Review of BenQ Projector GV: A TV in Your Pocket!

Appearance: BenQ GV1 has a net weight of only 708g and a volume of 80 x 155 x 80 (mm), which is equivalent to the

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5 Best Projectors with Roku for 2021

A Roku opens up your entertainment options in a way that we couldn’t have dreamed of even just a few years ago. Roku is a

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Have an Overall Look on Home Theater Projector RCA

1. RCA home theater projector RPJ136 3.97 inch projection LCD – larger than similar compact projectors, providing amazing, sharp images and realistic colors. Up to

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JMGO G9 Simple Review: Innovation of Home Projector

Appearance: The appearance design of JMGO G9 is still the traditional disc design, which is very similar to the previous generation of G7s and is

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RCA Home Theater Projector RPJ136|Projector Review

RCA Home Theater Projector RPJ136 is a popular projector in the US. You can frequently see the product on many common e-commerce platforms. The projector

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Tencent Aurora T6 Projection Review

Appearance    The shape of Tencent Aurora T6 is somewhat similar to that of T5. The overall size is 240x240x195.5mm and weighs about 3.77kg. It is

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Xiaomi 2Pro Review:A New Generation of Upgraded Xiaomi Projector

Appearance: The appearance design still uses Xiaomi’s consistent home style. When moving, you can obviously feel the weight of precipitation. With the large-scale appearance of

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JVC 4K Projector DLA-N5 Usage Brief Review

This review is about the entry-level model DLA-N5 in the JVC 4K series. It uses a 0.69-inch original 4K D-ILA panel with the same specification as Zeus in

Gazer Projector
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Gazer Projector: The Best Stunning Smart Projector?

Gazer Projector is a cute smart mini projector launched on INDIEGOGO last year. Just as the brand name, the mini projector is just like an

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Tencent Aurora S3 Projector Review

Appearance: Tencent Aurora projector S3 looks bulky, with a body size of 220 × 209.2× 139.5mm, weighing 4.94kg. It adopts metal and cloth materials, which

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Review of XGIMI H3S Projector

The front of XGIMI H3S is the projection lens on the left and the focusing module on the right. The cooling port adopts the fence design

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Comprehensive Review of Fengmi R1 Laser Projector

1. Appearance The fuselage of Fengmi R1 projector adopts “disc type” design, which is also called “sweeping robot”. The first impression is that the material may

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Dangbei K1 Projector Review

1. Appearance display of Danghbei K1 projector The body color of Dangbei K1 projector is mainly dark gray, the surface is made of fireproof plastic, and

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Full Review of Performance of Dangbei F3 Projector

Dangbei F3 has not only been greatly upgraded on the basis of previous products, but also broken through other brands in a larger span. So,

ALPD 4.0
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What is ALPD Technology?

Many projectors may see ALPD in some detailed pages of trendy projectors. But what’s ALPD? Definition ALPD is the acronym of Advanced Laser Phosphor Display,

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Everthing You Should Know About LCD

LCD is one of the mainstream display technologies widely used in the world. What is LCD? LCD is short of the liquid-crystal display, which is

Dangbei F1C
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How Long the Life Span of a Projector?

As a trendy family consumer electronics, the projector is widely used as a substitute for TV to watch videos. Therefore, the life span of a

tripod Projector Screen
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How to Choose a Tripod Projector Screen?

Tripod Projector screens are popular among projector users because it is suitable for both outdoor, commercial and home use. Why You Should Pick a Tripod

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Dangbei Flagship Series Review: Dangbei F1 vs Dangbei F1C vs Dangbei F3

Dangbei F1, Dangbei F1C, and Dangbei F3 are all flagship projectors from Dangbei brand. In this article, I will review them from appearance, system, image

Galaxy 360 Pro
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Uncover Galaxy 360 Pro | Why the Projector is So Popular?

Galaxy 360 Pro is popular throughout social media platforms. You can see many review videos and picture sharing about it.  Why the Projector is So