Samsung 8K Projector vs Samsung Premiere 4K Projector

Samsung revealed the Samsung 8K projector under the Premiere series at CES 2023. In this guide, we will uncover the highlights and improvements of the Samsung 8K projector compared with Samsung premiere 4K projectors.

Samsung 8K Projector vs Samsung Premiere 4K

The whole Samsung Premiere series are UST (Ultra-short throw) projectors, and you can place these projectors on the cabinet like a TV set. Compared with common projectors, UST projectors have an extremely short throw and requires a shorter distance to project a giant image.

Samsung Premiere 4K Series, released in 2020, includes two models for the time being, Samsung Premiere LSP7T ($3,499.99) and Samsung Premiere LSP9T ( $6,499.99; Selected as one of the Best Home Projectors 2022 ).

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You can check the table below to know their differences.

Samsung Premiere projector
 Samsung 8K ProjectorSamsung Premiere 4K Series
Launch Date20232020
Projector TypeUSTUST
PriceNot disclosed$3,499/ $6,499
Light SourceTriple LaserTriple Laser
Brightness4,000 ANSI lumens2,200/2,800 ANSI lumens
Light SourceTriple LaserTriple Laser
Image Size150”100-130”
Split ScreenYes/

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Higher Resolution

Samsung 8K Projector features an 8K resolution (7680 pixels x 4320 pixels) with about 33 million pixels, while Samsung Premiere 4K Series features a 4K resolution (3840 pixels x 2160 pixels) and has 8.3 million individual pixels. The more pixels, the sharper and clearer the projection images. You can get more details in the 8K projector compared with the 4K projector.

Higher Brightness

Samsung 8K Projector is estimated to have 4,000 ANSI lumens, obviously higher than Samsung Premiere LSP7T (2,200 ANSI lumens) and Samsung Premiere LSP9T (2,800 ANSI lumens).

If you want to use the projector during the daytime, you can never neglect the brightness. If the brightness of a projector is too low, you can only use the projector at night.

Bigger Image

Samsung Premiere 4K Series have a max image size of 130 inches, while Samsung Premiere 8K projector has 150 inches. The giant screen can bring an immersive and cinematic viewing experience.

More Powerful Speaker

The new Samsung 8K projector will have 100W Dolby Atmos speakers, which is more powerful than most 4K projectors available on the market. Samsung Premiere LSP7T has 30W speakers, and Samsung Premiere LSP9T has built-in 40W speakers.

Price and Availability

Samsung Premiere LSP7T is priced at $3,499, and Samsung Premiere LSP9T has a price tag of $6496. Now, the two projectors are Available in the US.

For the time being, Samsung has not yet disclosed the price of Premiere 8K projectors. According to public information, the Samsung Premiere 8K will be available in Q2 2023.

The price range of Samsung Premiere 8K may be $12,000-$15,000 in view of the pricing of JVC 8K projectors and Samsung Premiere 4K projectors.

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