CASIRIS A6 vs Samsung LSP7T

CASIRIS A6 and Samsung LSP7T are hot UST laser projectors available on the US market. As the two projectors have close pricing and similar market position, it is hard for projector beginners to make a decision. In this guide, we will compare the two projectors detailedly and help you to make a quick and wise decision.

CASIRIS A6 vs Samsung LSP7T


By means of the side-by-side parameter comparison, we can safely conclude that CASIRIS A6 is slightly cheaper and performs better in terms of color coverage and light source.

In the next paragraphs, we will dig into the details and compare the two projectors from different aspects.


The two projectors have similar shapes, which have a long groove on the top panel to nestle the lens module. But CASIRIS A6 and Samsung LSP7T have major differences in terms of color matching and styles. CASIRIS A6 is sleek and futuristic while Samsung LSP7T is simple and elegant.

As Samsung LSP7T is covered by fabric at the front panel, it may be tedious to clean the projector.

Regarding weight and size, CASIRIS A6 and Samsung LSP7T are similar. Check the dimensions and weight of the two projectors.

Dimensions520.7×330.2×152.4mm532.0 x 342.0 x 132.7mm
Net Weight (kg)9.2 Kg9.1 Kg

Light Source

Though CASIRIS A6 and Samsung LSP7T are both laser projectors, there are minor differences between the two projectors. Firstly, CASIRIS A6 adopts triple laser without phosphor and has better color performance while Samsung LSP7T adopts single laser as the light source with phosphor.

As for lamp life, CASIRIS A6 has a long lamp life of 30,000 hours while Samsung LSP7T’s laser lasts 20,000 hours.

Light SourceRGB Triple LaserSingle Laser
Light Source Life30,000 hours20,000 hours


CASIRIS A6 and Samsung LSP7T have the same 4K resolution and 2,200 ANSI lumens. The max image at 4K resolution is the same 120-inch screen.

Samsung Premiere Projector Channel Edit Guide
Samsung Premiere Projector Channel Edit Guide

However, the two projectors are different in terms of color gamut and keystone correction. CASIRIS A6 has a color coverage of 107% BT.2020, higher than Samsung LSP7T’s 83% color coverage of DCI-P3.

Color Gamut107% BT.2020DCI-P3 83%
Keystone8-points keystoneYes

Throw Ratio

When speaking of UST projectors, the throw ratio can never be neglected. CASIRIS A6 has a throw ratio of 0.233:1 while the Samsung projector has a throw ratio of 0.25:1. That is to say, CASIRIS A6 can project a bigger image size if the throw distance of the two projectors is the same.

As we usually place the UST laser projector on a cabinet just like a TV set, the throw distance is critical. If the throw distance (the distance from the projector lens to the screen) of your projector is short enough, you can save more space.

Throw Ratio0.233:10.25:1


A smart system can enhance the user experience greatly. CASIRIS A6 is powered by Android TV 10.0 while Samsung LSP7T is powered by the TIZEN TV system. Compared to the TIZEN TV system, the Android TV system has more Google-related services, including Google Play Store. But the two projectors both support YouTube and Google Assistant.

CASIRIS A6 has a built-in memory of 3G and 32G while the Samsung counterpart has no built-in memory. The built-in storage makes it convenient to play videos under offline conditions. CASIRIS A6 and Samsung LSP7T are not dedicated to gaming. Regarding input lag, CASIRIS A6 has an input lag of 35ms while its counterpart has 53ms. That is to say, CASIRIS A6 is relatively better in the gaming experience.

Built-in OSAndroid TV 10.0TIZEN


In terms of wireless connectivity, the two projectors both support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, but CASIRIS A6 has a newer version and thus has quick transmission. As for the wired interface, CASIRIS A6 has one more USB interface while Samsung LSP7T has one more HDMI interface.

Wireless ConnectivityWi-Fi/BluetoothWi-Fi/Bluetooth
Wired Interface2 x HDMI
2x USB
1x LAN
1x Mini USB (Debug)
1x Optical 1x AC
3 x HDMI
1x USB
1x LAN
1x Audio Out (Optical)  


CASIRIS A6 and Samsung LSP7T both have built-in speakers. As for speakers, CASIRIS A6 has 20W in total while Samsung LSP7T has 30W. Regarding audio, CASIRIS A6 supports Dolby ATMOS while the Samsung LSP7T only supports Dolby Audio.

Noise< 28dB32dB(A)
AudioDolby ATMOS DTS HDDolby Audio
Speaker2 X 10W30W

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To conclude, CASIRIS A6 and Samsung LSP7T are similar in terms of image brightness, but CASIRIS A6 is better in terms of color gamut, lamp life, and gaming experience. It is worth noting that CASIRIS A6 has a campaign on Indiegogo and has discounted price of $2,299. Taking the price into consideration, CASIRIS A6 is a better choice.

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