Philips Screeneo U5 is a newcomer on the Indiegogo recently while VAVA Chroma is a hot UST laser projector released in 2021. Which projector is a better choice? What are the differences between the two projectors?

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma


The two projectors are both UST (Ultra Short Throw) projectors and adopt DLP display technologies. Philips Screeneo U5 performs better in terms of short throw, and Android TV system while VAVA Chroma performs better in brightness, light source, and audio.

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma

We will dig into the detailed differences between the two projectors.

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma: Appearance

The two projectors are similar in shape and have a long groove to nestle the lens module. For colors, Philips Screeneo U5 is whole matte black while VAVA Chroma has silver metal lines as the embellishment on the frames. The two projectors have similar brief and elegant styles.

As for dimensions, Philips Screeneo U5 is slightly thicker but smaller than VAVA Chroma. In terms of weight, the Philips projector is slightly lighter.

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma: Light Source


Though they are both equipped with laser light sources, they have slight differences. Philips Screeneo U5 has a common single laser while VAVA Chroma has a triple ALPD laser as the light source, which performs better in color coverage.

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma: Image

The two projectors have the same 4K resolution and image size, but they are varied greatly in terms of contrast, brightness, and image technology.

In terms of brightness, Philips Screeneo U5 has 2,200 ANSI lumens, less bright than the VAVA Chroma projector.

Regarding contrast, Philips Screeneo U5 has 1,483:1 while VAVA Chroma has 3,000:1. That is to say, VAVA Chroma is better in terms of color accuracy and color gradations.

Dolby Vision is a trendy image technology in the home theater area, which can improve the brightness and contrast of the image to enhance the image quality.

The throw ratio is a decisive parameter for a UST projector. As for the throw ratio, Philips Screeneo U5 has a shorter throw ratio than the VAVA counterpart. The shorter the throw ratio, the short the throw distance it requires for the same projection size.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5VAVA Chroma
Brightness2,200 ANSI lumens2,500 ANSI Lumens
Throw Ratio0.21:10.233:1
Dolby VisionYesNo

As for image adjustment, the two projectors both support an 8-point keystone and electric focus, making the image adjustment quick and convenient.

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma: System

Philips Screeneo U5 and VAVA Chroma are both powered by smart OS. The difference is that Philips Screeneo U5 has a standard Android TV system while VAVA Chroma has a Smart TV system based on Android.

That is to say, Philips Screeneo U5 has many built-in Google services such as Chromecast and Google Play. VAVA Chroma has a built-in Aptoide store instead of the Google Play Store. You can use YouTube, Prime video, and other streaming platforms on the two projectors.

As for RAM, VAVA Chroma has 3G RAM, bigger than the Philips counterpart. A larger RAM helps to accelerate the response.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5VAVA Chroma
Smart OSAndroid TV 11Android 9.0
App StoreGoogle Play StoreAptoide

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma: Audio

The audio performance is also important for the viewing experience. Regarding the speakers, Philips Screeneo U5 has only 20W speakers, which is less powerful than VAVA Chroma’s 60W speakers. Fortunately, Philips Screeneo U5 supports Dolby Atmos and produces a surround sound effect. You can also connect the projector to a Bluetooth speaker to get a better sound effect.

As for noise, Philips Screeneo U5 produces 28.5 dB while VAVA Chroma produces less than 30dB. The noise is acceptable and common for UST projectors.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5VAVA Chroma
Noise28.5dB< 30dB
Speaker20W in total60W speakers
Sound EffectDolby AtmosDolby Audio

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma: Connectivity

The connectivity is critical for a projector. Regarding screen mirroring, Philips Screeneo U5 is better as it has a built-in Chromecast, which is better than VAVA Chroma.

As for interfaces, Philips Screeneo U5 has dual HDMI 2.1 while VAVA Chroma has just HDMI 2.0. Compared with HDMI 2.0, HDMI 2.1 is better in terms of compatibility and bandwidth.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5VAVA Chroma
Wireless ConnectivityDual-band Wi-Fi
Dual-band Wi-Fi
Interfaces2x HDMI 2.1
2x USB 2.0
1x RS-232
1x LAN
1x Coaxial
1x Jack 3.5
3 x HDMI 2.0
1 x USB
1 x RJ45 LAN
1 x S/PDIF out
1 x 3.5 mm Earphones

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma: Package

Let’s check the package of the two projectors and see the differences.

After comparing the packages of the two projectors, we can see that Philips Screeneo U5 has an Express VPN card, which is rarely seen in the projector package.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5VAVA Chroma
PackageScreeneo U5: x1
Remote Control: x1
AAA Batteries: x2
AC Cables: x4 (US, EU, UK, AUS)
Quick Start Guide: x1
Warranty Card: x1
Express VPN Card: x1
4K Projector (VA-SP003): x1
VAVA Remote: x1  
1.5m Power Cord: x1
AAA Battery: x2
Cleaning Cloth: x1
Product Manual: x1

Philips Screeneo U5 vs VAVA Chroma: Price

Compared with other UST laser projectors with similar configurations on the market, we can see that their prices are reasonable and acceptable.

ModelPhilips Screeneo U5VAVA ChromaFormovie THEATEREpson LS800Optoma CinemaX P2
PriceAbout $3,323$3,499.99$2,999$3,499$3,298

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Pros and Cons

Philips Screeneo U5


  • Android TV
  • Dolby Vision
  • Dolby Atmos
  • Shorter Throw
  • HDMI 2.1


  • Lower Brightness
  • Lower Contrast
  • Less Powerful Speakers

VAVA Chroma


  • Higher Brightness
  • Triple Laser
  • Higher Contrast
  • 3G RAM
  • Powerful Speakers


  • HDMI 2.0
  • Only 1 USB


Philips Screeneo U5 and VAVA Chroma are both good choices for a UST laser projector. VAVA Chroma is better in terms of hardware configuration, for example, image brightness, contrast, and speakers while Philips Screeneo U5 has more trendy technologies such as Android TV, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos.

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