NexiGo PJ20 vs WEWATCH V50

NexiGo PJ20 and WEWATCH V50 are both popular 1080P projectors on the market. Which projector is a better option? In this post, we are going to compare the two projectors side by side and tell their differences.

NexiGo PJ20 vs WEWATCH V50


By means of the side-by-side comparison table below, we can see that NexiGo PJ20 is much more expensive than WEWATCH V50. The two projectors have the same 1080P resolution, but NexiGo PJ20 is much brighter and has a better audio effect. In addition, WEWATCH V50 is better in low cost, long lamp life, and small size.

NexiGo PJ20 vs WEWATCH V50

NexiGo PJ20 vs WEWATCH V50: Appearance

The two projectors both adopt black as the main color and have similar shapes. NexiGo PJ20 has the lens module on the right side while WEWATCH V50’s lens module is located on the left side. They both have their own logo on the front panel, but the NexiGo logo is on the left side while the WEWATCH logo is on the right side.

Regarding interfaces, WEWATCH V50’s interface is located at the side panel while NexiGo PJ20’s interface is at the back panel.

In terms of dimensions, NexiGo PJ20 measures 12.59” x 9.05” x 4.25” while the WEWATCH counterpart measures 9.23” x 7.38” x 3.78”. That is to say, WEWATCH V50 is slightly small and portable.

NexiGo PJ20 vs WEWATCH V50: Throw Ratio

The throw ratio is critical if you want a big screen in a small room. NexiGo PJ20 has a throw ratio of 1.56:1 while WEWATCH V50 has a throw ratio of 1.4:1. That is to say, it requires a longer distance for NexiGo PJ20 to project the same screen size as WEWATCH V50.

The max image size of the two projectors is the same 200”, but their projection distance range is different. NexiGo PJ20 has a throw distance range of 4.8 to 21.8 ft while WEWATCH V50 has a throw distance range of 3.8 to 19 ft.

NexiGo PJ20 vs WEWATCH V50: Light Source

The two 1080P projectors have the same LED as the light source, but they are different in terms of lamp life.

WEWATCH V50 has a longer lamp life compared with its NexiGo PJ20. Specifically, NexiGo PJ20 has a lamp life of 30,000 hours while the WEWATCH counterpart has a lamp life of 40,000 hours. If you use the projector for 5 hours per day, you can use the WEWATCH V50 for 8,000 days, while you can use NexiGo PJ20 for 6,000 days. That is to say, the lamp life gap is about 2,000 days.

NexiGo PJ20 vs WEWATCH V50: Image

The most obvious difference between the two 1080P projectors is the brightness. NexiGo PJ20 has 350 ANSI lumens, brighter than WEWATCH V50’s 230 ANSI Lumens. That is to say, NexiGo PJ20 has a better viewing effect when there is ambient light. As for image size, the two projectors have the same max image size of 200 inches.

Focus and keystones are also unneglectable points for a projector. NexiGo PJ20 and WEWATCH V50 both support manual ± 15° keystone (Vertical Only) and manual focus.

As for the zoom function, NexiGo PJ20 has a 50%-200% zoom function while the WEWATCH projector has a zoom ratio of 75%-100%. It is worth noting that the Zoom function is only suitable for some offline local videos, for example, the video from a USB flash drive.

Keystone± 15° (Vertical Only)±15° (Vertical Only)
Focus Manual Manual

NexiGo PJ20 vs WEWATCH V50: Connectivity

The connectivity determines the external devices to that a projector can be connected. NexiGo PJ20 and WEWATCH V50 both support 5G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.1, but they have different interfaces.

Compared with NexiGo PJ20, the WEWATCH V50 projector has more interfaces, such as an SD card interface and VGA interface, which can connect the projector to more devices. With a VGA interface, you can connect the projector to some old-fashioned computers conveniently.

BluetoothBluetooth 5.1Bluetooth 5.1
Wi-Fi5G Wi-Fi5G Wi-Fi
Screen mirroringYesYes
3.5mm audio jackx1
USB 2.0 x1
AV x1
3.5mm Earphone Out x1
SD x1
VGA x1

As the two projectors have no built-in system, you can mirror your smartphone screen or connect it to external streaming devices, such as TV boxes, TV sticks, or computers.

NexiGo PJ20 vs WEWATCH V50: Audio

The two projectors both have built-in speakers, but the speakers and decode formats are different. NexiGo PJ20 has a 5W speaker and supports Dolby Audio, but WEWATCH V50 doesn’t support Dolby audio. In addition, the built-in speaker of WEWATCH V50 is not powerful enough and you need to connect it to an external speaker to get better sound.

If a projector supports Dolby Audio, then you can enjoy better sound effects when you watch shows or TV series on some streaming apps, for example, Netflix.

As the two projectors have Bluetooth, we can connect the projector to Bluetooth speakers to get better sound.

Pros and Cons

NexiGo PJ20


  • Native 1080P
  • Higher Brightness
  • 5G Wi-Fi
  • Dolby Audio


  • Higher Price
  • Longer Throw



  • 1080P resolution
  • Shorter Throw
  • Longer lamp life
  • 5G Wi-Fi
  • Versatile Connectivity


  • Lower Brightness
  • Poor Audio

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After comparing the two projectors above, we can conclude that NexiGo PJ20 is more expensive, but it is better in brightness and audio. WEWATCH V50 is relatively cheaper, but it is less bright and has poor audio. The two projectors both support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and you can connect them to external devices wirelessly and conveniently.

If you have a limited budget, then you can pick WEWATCH V50 and then get an external Bluetooth speaker.

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