NexiGo PJ40 vs PJ30

In this guide, we will compare two budget 1080P projectors and compare them in detail.

NexiGo PJ40 vs PJ30

Specs Comparison

Through the side-by-side specs comparison below, we can find that NexiGo PJ40 is more expensive but it is much brighter and has better overall performance.

SpecsNexiGo PJ40NexiGo PJ30
Brightness600 ANSI lumens450 ANSI lumens
ResolutionNative 1080p1920×1080(16:9, FHD)
4K SupportYesNo
Projection Size50″ – 300″40″ – 200″
Keystone±30° Vertical/±20° Horizontal± 15° (Vertical Only)
Speaker20W Speakers5W Speaker Support Dolby Sound
Video PlaytimeDC INDC IN
ConnectivityHDMI, USB, AV, RJ45HDMI, USB, AV
BluetoothBluetooth 5.1Bluetooth 5.1
Wi-Fi5GHz Wi-Fi5GHz Wi-Fi
Screen MirroringYesYes
Dolby Sound/Yes
Dimensions‎11.3 x 10.78 x 4.8 inches12.2 x 8.66 x 3.14 inches


The two projectors are obviously different in terms of outer design. For colors, the NexiGo PJ40 is in black while NexiGo PJ30 is white. The location of the lens module is also different.


The major difference between NexiGo PJ40 and PJ30 is the image performance. NexiGo PJ40 is slightly brighter. NexiGo PJ40 has 600ANSI lumens while NexiGo PJ30 has NexiGo PJ30 has 450ANSI lumens.

NexiGo PJ40 and PJ30 have the same 1080P resolution, but only NexiGo PJ40 has 4K compatibility. Regarding image size, NexiGo PJ40 has a max image size of 300 inches while PJ30 has a max image size of 200 inches.


The two projectors both have built-in speakers, but NexiGo PJ40 is equipped with 20W speakers, more powerful than the NexiGo PJ30’s 5W speaker. However, NexiGo PJ30 supports Dolby Audio, which can enhance the audio quality greatly when streaming content from Netflix and other apps.


The two projectors both have Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi, making screen mirroring and wireless speaker connection possible.

For wired connection, the two projectors are equipped with HDMI, USB, and AV, but NexiGo PJ40 has one more RJ45 LAN port.


NexiGo PJ40 and PJ30 are both cost-efficient, but NexiGo PJ40 is better because the projector has higher brightness, 4K support, and a more powerful speaker.

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