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Hualu Sugar Cube U2 Projector Review

How is Hualu Sugar Cube U2 Projector? Check out this review. Hualu Sugar cube U2 can perform keystone correction on four points respectively, which allows

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Chigo H1 Projector Review: Is It Worth Buying?

How about the Chigo H1 projector? Check out this review. The actual brightness of Chigo H1 is 120 lumens, which is not enough to resist

Leica Cine 1 Review
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Leica Cine 1 Review: Leica-Style Futuristic UST Laser TV

Leica Cine 1 has grabbed lots of attention at the IFA show in Germany. This is not the first foray into a projector in view

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AIMOV Projector Review: Is It Worth Buying?

How about the AIMOV projector? Let’s take a look at it. In terms of screen brightness, the actual brightness of the AIMOV projector is 680

The BenQ LU9750
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BenQ LU9750 Laser DLP Projector Review

The BenQ LU9750 is an ultra-bright 8,500 ANSI lumens professional projector compatible with interchangeable lenses (not included) that sells for $11,999 MSRP. The LU9750 has

ViewSonic T4K753
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ViewSonic T4K753 4K Projector Review

How is ViewSonic’s new laser projector ViewSonic T4K753? ViewSonic T4K753 weights in 2.8Kg, measured at 312*222*108mm. It continues the classisc design of the concise white

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Optoma CUL80T Laser Engineering Projector Review

Optoma is an advanced projection equipment manufacturer in the industry and enjoys a high reputation around the world. The recently launched CUL80T laser-based engineering projector

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POYANK QK-02 Mini Projector Review

POYANK QK-02 projector is equpped with upgraded 7500Lumens. Its 5 layer LCD display can assure you to get a fidelity projection color and effect as

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POYANK QK-03 WiFi Projector Review: How is It?

POYANK QK-03 WiFi Projector is featured with upgraded 7500 Lumens as well as Full HD 1080P supported resolution. Let’s take a look at this mini

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BenQ E580 Smart Business Projector Review

In business meetings, the demand is constantly increasing. In addition to displaying the content, it also requires fast startup, convenient connection, and intelligent control. It

ViewSonic LS550WH
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ViewSonic LS550WH LED Projector Review

How is ViewSonic LS550WH projector? Is it worth buying? ViewSonic LS550WH achieve the same outstanding brightness levels as lamp-based projectors, which is rated for 3000

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Is Yaber Pico T1 Projector Worth Buying?

Yaber Pico T1 is claimed to be the Slimmest & Portable Projector. Yaber has launched this new model on Indiegogo. The Yaber Pico T1 projector

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How is ViewSonic TB60K Projector?

Recently, ViewSonic announced the launch of the 4K smart ultra-short-throw cinema-grade laser projector TB60K. The new ViewSonic TB60K brings a higher brightness picture, a wider

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Panasonic PT-GAZ501C Short-throw Engineering Projector Review

In a wide variety of exhibition creation environments, the Panasonic PT-GAZ501C short-throw engineering projector was born. The subversive technology of ultra-short focal length and large

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Vivitek DU9900Z Engineering Projector Review

Vivitek (Luxeon) DU9900Z engineering projector provides ultra-high brightness, contrast and outstanding color reproduction. For various outdoor environments, Vivitek DU9900Z engineering projector has many special optimized

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WEJOY Touchable Screen Projector Review

WEJOY launched an outdoor projector with the screen is convenient to carry and use, you can watch videos anytime, anywhere, especially at night outdoors, you

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Acer H6830BD Projector Review: How is It?

The body of the H6830BD is white, with the “acer” brand label embedded on it, and the lens size ratio is just right, without destroying

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TouTou Projector Review: How is It?

The Tou Tou mini projector belongs to the DLP technology projector, and it is also the most popular technology in the projection industry at present.

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Optoma HD28i Review: How is This Laser 1080P Projector?

How is Optoma HD28i Projector? Hope this review will help you to make informed choice. This Optoma HD28i is capable of reproducing the Rec.709 colour

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Xiaomi 2S Projector Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Xiaomi 2S is featured with FullHD resolution and brightness of 850 ANSI lumens, this review will take a look at this new Xiaomi model to