This is a Changhong P6F and P6W review, let’s see what features and specs they have got.

The brightness of Changhong P6F and P6W reach 5000 lumens and 4500 lumens respectively, support 80-150 inch large screen display, the projection ratio is only 0.52:1, the projection display of 100 inch screen only needs to be 115cm away from the screen or wall, so that small spaces can also have Huge picture.

Changhong Unveiled P6 Series Laser Projector

At the same time, the P6F and P6W have a high contrast ratio of 300,000:1, a resolution of up to 1080P, and are equipped with self-developed short-focus laser optics.

Traditional commercial projectors generally use telephoto lenses. In places with limited space, a large enough picture cannot be obtained due to insufficient projection distance. Therefore, short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors have become the new trend of business projection. Changhong P6F and P6W use short-focus laser display technology, the projection ratio is only 0.52:1, and the projection display of a 100-inch screen only needs to be 115cm away from the curtain or wall, so that a small space can have a large screen.

Changhong Unveiled P6 Series Laser Projector

Corresponding to the short-throw projection, Changhong P6F and P6W also support 360° projection, side-up projection, and have vertical geometric correction function, which can meet the installation requirements of various applications such as sky curtain, floor projection, and side-up projection. In this way, Changhong P6F and P6W break through the space constraints and terrain constraints of equipment installation, and can be flexibly applied to more business application scenarios.

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