JMGO O1S Review

JMGO O1S, as JMGO ultra-short-throw projector, has new functions and improvements compared to the previous two generations. Compared with the first generation product, the brightness has been greatly upgraded.

JMGO O1S Review

The projection principle of ultra-short-throw projectors is different from that of long-throw projectors. If the room is relatively small, side projection is required if a telephoto projector is used. However, side projection will directly reduce the picture quality and affect the viewing experience. Ultra-short-throw projectors are suitable for small spaces, such as the JMGO O1S, with an ultra-small throw ratio of 0.25:1, which can project a 100-inch image only 38 cm away from the wall. In addition, the JMGO O1S has built-in Dynaudio custom audio to provide users with this quality sound.

JMGO O1S Review

The brightness of JMGO O1S is 1200ANSI lumens and adopts dual system mode. In addition to the normal viewing mode, the JMGO O1S also has a LUNA OS companion mode. This mode is very interesting, it can bring a sense of participation to users, and let you feel the collision of technology and art.

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