The rise of home theater has contributed to the development of projectors, and more and more projectors get smart. This guide will explain the ROM and RAM of a projector.

ROM of Projector

Like a smartphone, the ROM of a projector actually is responsible for storing and saving data. ROM refers to read-only memory. The size of the memory can determine the numbers of APPs that can be installed and the audio and video that can be stored.

What Is RAM or ROM of the Projector

Therefore, when choosing a projector, the memory is also important, the larger the memory, the more convenient.

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RAM of Projector

The RAM stands for Random Access Memory. Just like ROM, the RAM plays a role similar to smart phone’s running memory, which is a space for the temporary storage of data for the operation of the operating system and programs. The larger the RAM, the more programs can be run in the background and the faster the corresponding programs will be.


Therefore, the bigger the ROM and RAM of a projector, the better the user experience and the quicker the operating response.

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