What Is 3D TOF Technology in Projectors
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What Is 3D TOF Technology in Projectors?

This guide will introduce 3D TOF technology for projectors. What is 3D TOF Technology? TOF is the abbreviation of Time of Flight technology. The sensor

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Lumens vs ANSI lumens Conversion

As an important parameter of projectors, the lumen plays an important role in the projection image. In this guide, we will introduce the lumens and

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Is 8,000 lumen Good for a Projector?

Lumen is an unavoidable word for the projector industry, which represents the measurement of luminous flux. Put simply, the lumen is the unit of projector

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CVIA Lumens vs ANSI Lumens

CVIA Lumens are measured in accordance with CVIA Brightness Standard, a new standard formulated by China Video Industry Association and leading projector producers, including Dangbei,


CVIA Brightness May Dominate the Chinese Projector Market

Recently, China Video Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as CVIA) unveiled a new brightness standard for projectors, CVIA Brightness. The standard was formulated by CVIA

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What Is the Function of HDMI ARC?

You may have noticed that many projectors are equipped with HDMI ARC ports. This guide will introduce the function of HDMI ARC. What Is ARC?

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MT9679 VS MT9669: What’s the Difference?

As smart projectors have captured living rooms, the projector’s chip is increasingly important. Chip provider MediaTek is going to release its new chip, MT9679. This

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What Is RAM or ROM of a Projector?

The rise of home theater has contributed to the development of projectors, and more and more projectors get smart. This guide will explain the ROM

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DMD Chips Comparison: 0.23″ vs 0.33″ vs 0.47″

The DMD chips are the display chips of a DLP projector, whose size determines the projector’s resolution. This guide will introduce the differences between 0.23″,0.33″,

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Pros and Cons of Laser Projectors

Laser projectors are increasingly popular in the high-end projector and smart projectors market. In this post, we will compare the pros and cons of laser

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Pros and Cons of LCD Projectors

LCD refers to Liquid Crystal Display, a widely used display technology in the projector market. LCD projectors can be divided into single-chip LCD projectors and

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FOFO Contrast or ANSI Contrast | Projector Contrast Introduction

Contrast is a key parameter for projectors and it plays an essential role in dark details and color performance. In this guide, we will compare

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Google TV vs Android TV: What Are the Differences?

With the popularity of projectors, more and more projectors are using smart systems. In this guide, we will compare Google TV vs Android TV, helping

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What is ATSC 3.0?

Some projector fans may notice that Hisense has adopted ATSC 3.0 in their new laser TVs announced at CES, for example, Hisense L9H and Hisense

What Is ISA Technology
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What Is ISA Technology for Projectors?

ISA is an imaging technology that is widely seen in smart projectors. For some traditional projectors, it is tedious and difficult to adjust the projection

ALPD 5.0
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ALPD 5.0 vs ALPD 4.0 vs APLD 3.0: What Are the Differences?

Appotronics released ALPD 5.0 laser display technology on 30th November. The new ALPD technology has improved a lot based on the previous version. In this

What is Color Depth
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What is Color Depth?|8-Bit vs 10-Bit

If you browse projectors on the internet, you may notice 8-bit or 10-bit in the parameter box. 8-bit and 10-bit are both measurements of color

Projector Color Gamut: Rec. 2020 vs DCI-P3 vs Adobe RGB vs NTSC vs sRGB
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Projector Color Gamut: Rec. 2020 vs DCI-P3 vs Adobe RGB vs NTSC

Color is one of the most direct factors that influence the viewing effect of an image. Therefore, the color gamut is a vital parameter for

Projector Throw Ratio
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Projector Throw Ratio: All Things You Should Know

Throw ratio is a key parameter when you choose a projector. In this guide, you can know all things about the projector throw ratio, including

Refresh Rate vs Frame Rate
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Refresh Rate vs Frame Rate: What Are the Differences?

Refresh rate and frame rate are common parameters when you buy a device for playing games. If you want to choose a good gaming projector,