Epson LS100
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How to Fix if Epson Home Cinema LS100 Remote Control doesn’t work?

Epson Home Cinema LS100 is a hot projector for home use. Many users don’t know how to fix it when the remote control doesn’t work.

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How to connect speakers to Epson Projector?

Sometimes, many Epson projector users need to connect external speakers to their Epson projectors to get a better audio effect. This article takes Epson 880X

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How to Connect a Streaming Media Player to Epson EF-110W?

Epson EF-100W supports the connection of streaming media players. You can connect the streaming device included with your projector to the projector’s HDMI port. Just


Epson Home Cinema 4010 Projector Review

The Epson Home Cinema 4010 is the latest in Epson’s line of 4K-compliant projectors featuring new algorithms and advanced processing technologies to deliver impressive “4K


Epson Home Cinema 1080 Projector Unboxing & Review

This video reviews Epson Home Cinema 1080 Projector from many aspects. The projector is one of the most poppular projectors of Epson. Firstly, the unboxing,

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What to Do if the Image of Epson Projector is Blurry?

A fuzzy or blurry image is usually caused by focus or lens. You can try the following solutions. Firstly, you can try to adjust the

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What to Do if Your Epson Image is Not Rectangular?

Many Epson projector beginners may come across a not rectangular image when they set up their projector.  How to fix this problem? If the projected

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How to Project Files to Epson Projector from iOS or Android Device?

Many projector beginners don’t know that how to project files from their IOS or Android devices to Epson projectors. Here is a guide. Firstly, you

10 Best Epson Short Throw Projector

10 Best Epson Short Throw Projector|Projector Review

Short throw projectors can project a big screen within short throw distance. Here are the 10 best Epson short throw projectors for you. 1. Epson

Epson Home Cinema LS100
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How to Clean the Air Filter of Your Epson Projector?

After operating for a long time, the air filter of your Epson projector may be covered with thin dust, which affects the heat dissipation and

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How to Monitor or Control Epson Projector or Smartphone?

Epson is a leading projector supplier, whose products provide many amazing functions. You can monitor your Epson projector by PC or smartphone just like monitor

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Epson New Release: Epson 880X 3LCD Projector

Recently, Epson released a new projector for commercial use: 880X Smart Portable Projector. The 880X Smart Portable Projector is positioned for commercial use, which projects

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How to Connect to a Video Source for Sound Using Epson Projector?

If you want play sound of your own devices via your Epson projector, you can connect the projector to the video source using an RCA

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What to Do If You Forgot Password of Your Epson Projector?

This article will give you some solutions if you forgot the password of your Epson projector. If you can’t remember a password, try the following

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How to Improve The image Quality of Your Epson Projector?

This article will help you to improve your image quality of Epson Projector. Step 1 Make sure you select the best Color Mode for your

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What to Do If Your Epson Projector Image is not rectangular?

Here are tips for you if your image of Epson projector is not rectangular. You can try the following solutions one by one to solve

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How to Connect Your Camera or USB to Your Epson Projector?

Many projector beginners want to know that how to connect camera to projector. This article takes Epson projector as example and gives a solution. You

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How to Set Proper Color Mode for Your Epson Projector?

As we all know, we can pick a projector with as high lumens as possible so that we can have a good visual experience at

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How to Use Split Screen Function of Epson Projector?

Some Epson projectors support Split Screen, meaning that you can simultaneously project two images from different image sources. Please read this guide to get detailed procedures.

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What to Do If Epson Projector Screen Image is Blurry?

Many projector beginners may undergo a common problem—a blurry screen image. You can try the following solutions if your Epson projector has the same problem.