Epson CH-A100 is a newly launched household intelligent projection device. What is the difference between this projector and the TW5700? Which projector is more worth buying? Let’s take a look at the comparison of the parameters of the two projectors.

Epson CH-A100 Review: 1080P Home Projector with Smart System

Epson CH-A100 and TW5700 both use 3LCD display technology to ensure the true and natural color of the picture, and the standard resolution is 1080P, providing clear picture details; The biggest difference is the picture brightness. The actual brightness of the Epson CH-A100 reaches 3000 ISO lumens, which is much higher than the TW5700, and the projected picture is more bright and clear.

In terms of the system, the Epson CH-A100 system has been upgraded, using Android 11 operating system. At the same time, the menu interface has also been upgraded, which is simpler and more convenient to use. In addition, Epson CH-A100 is equipped with a processor with stronger performance and larger storage. It supports downloading and installing third-party applications.

Epson CH-A100 vs Epson CH-TW740 vs Epson CO-FH02 B3: Which is Better?

Both projectors need to be manually adjusted for image correction, and support side projection installation. The Epson CH-A100 is equipped with a 1.35x zoom lens, which is better than the 1.2x zoom lens of the TW5700, ensuring that the size of the image meets the needs of users.

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