The main series of Epson home projectors currently include five series: EF series, CH-TW series, CH-TZ series, EH-LS, CH-LS.

Epson Home Cinema 2250 Review: How is It?

EF series:
This series is mainly Epson epson fun smart laser series. It first appeared in 2019 when two models of EF-100 black and white were launched to test the water. In May 2021, the series of new household models EF-10 and EF-12 will be launched. On sale, still on sale.

CH-TW series:
This series is Epson’s mainstream home projector models in mainland China, including 1080P and 4K enhanced models.

CH-TZ series:
This series is the traditional audio and video model of CH-TW series models, such as TZ2800, which is an industry upgrade model of TW5800; TZ3000 is actually an industry upgrade model of TW7000, and the interface configuration is more conducive to carrying professional families cinema.

EH-LS series:
This series is a high-end home laser TV series released by Epson in 2020. Currently, the models are still on sale as LS300B (black) and LS300W (white). The new products in September 2022 have added L800B/W Two models in black and white.

CH-LS series:
This series is mainly a new laser product in the professional home theater field in 2022, two high-end models, CH-LS11000W and CH-LS12000B.

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