For manufacturers and projector users, in order to pursue upgraded specifications, HDR is of course important, but it is more important for flat-screen TVs than it is for the projectors.

The reason is that flat-screen TVs emit light directly (without reflection), and the brightness of high-end TVs can reach 1000 nits or even higher. However, the projector is different. The projector’s light is “reflected” through the screen. The light energy is coming and going, and the brightness that the eyes can see has been greatly reduced.

Can Projectors Do HDR?

If the projector’s light output intensity is not high and the screen gain is not high, the projection If the distance is too long… and other factors exist, the HDR effect will decrease, and it will not even feel its existence. If you want to get a clear HDR effect, you must choose a model with high light output intensity, and then match it with a high gain screen, but both of these methods may damage the presentation of the black level and the contrast will be affected.

Ricoh Launched PJ 4300 Series Projector

All in all, HDR technology can enhance the color performance of the picture, but when a mini projector with low brightness and low resolution is advertised to support HDR technology, basically this HDR effect can be ignored. Therefore, if you pursue HDR effect, it is best to choose a high-quality projector with high resolution and high brightness, such as Dangbei Mars Pro, so that you can get realistic and colorful HDR picture effect.

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