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How to Connect Camera to Epson Projector?

If you want to project pictures from your camera via your Epson projector. You can do as follows. This post will take Epson Home Cinema

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What is BT.2020?

BT.2020 is also called s Rec. 2020. It is a set of specifications covering various aspects of video broadcasting. On August 23, 2012, the International

Nebula Capsule
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How to Mirror Screen from iPhone to Nebula Capsule?

Nebula Capsule supports AirPlay, allowing you to mirror or stream videos from your iPhone. You can do as follows to mirror your iPhone onto Nebula

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How to Play 3D Videos on XGIMI Aura?

XGIMI Aura supports the 3D feature, you can do as follows to play 3D videos via the projector. 1. When playing videos, one-click on the

LED lumens VS ANSI lumens
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LED Lumens VS ANSI Lumens: What Are the Differences?

It is known that lumens are the brightness unit in the projector areas. However, many projector manufacturers label their products with various lumen units, making

How to Connect Yaber Projector to Computer
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How to Connect Yaber Projector to Computer?

Sometimes, we need to connect Yaber projector to a computer for more content resources. This post will take Yaber Y31 as an example and tell

Connect FANGOR Projector to Phone
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How to Connect FANGOR Projector to Phone?

FANGOR projectors are popular recently, but many users don’t know how to connect the projector to their phone. This post will take FANGOR Projector F-601

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Why BenQ Projectors Can’t Detect 3D Signal?

Some BenQ users find that their projectors can’t detect 3D signals. This post will list some solutions to the problem. If the source gives the

Epson LS100
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How to Fix if Epson Home Cinema LS100 Remote Control doesn’t work?

Epson Home Cinema LS100 is a hot projector for home use. Many users don’t know how to fix it when the remote control doesn’t work.

Emotn C1 projector
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How to Mirror Android Phone to Emotn C1 Projector?

The Emotn C1 projector supports both wired and wireless screen mirroring using Android phones. Wireless Mirroring Step 1 Turn on your Emotn projector and enter

Emotn C1
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How to Mirror iPhone to Emotn C1 Projector?

Emotn C1 projector is powerful in terms of screen mirroring. This post will tell you 3 methods to mirror your iPhone to the Projector. The

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5 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Nebula Projectors

Projectors are precision electronics, which require care and protection. This post will list 5 tips to extend the lifespan of your Nebula projector. Avoid extreme

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How to Use XGIMI MoGo as a Bluetooth Speaker?

XGIMI MoGo supports Bluetooth and you can use the projector as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Here are the detailed steps. Connect MoGo with your phone

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How to connect speakers to Epson Projector?

Sometimes, many Epson projector users need to connect external speakers to their Epson projectors to get a better audio effect. This article takes Epson 880X

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How to Change the Image Size of Projectors?

Projectors are widely used in households. Many projector beginners need to adjust the image size or screen size during use. This article will list the

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How to Connect Computer or PS4 to QKK Projectors?

QKK projectors support multiple external connections, such as computers and PS4. How to connect the computer or PS4 to QKK projectors? Firstly, you need to

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How to Solve the Image Delay of Nebula Projector?

Many Nebula projector users may come across the image delay when using their projector. This post will give solutions to this problem. Solutions to the

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How to Connect a Streaming Media Player to Epson EF-110W?

Epson EF-100W supports the connection of streaming media players. You can connect the streaming device included with your projector to the projector’s HDMI port. Just

QKK Mini Projector
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How to Connect iPhone to QKK Mini Projector?

QKK mini projector was once ranked the best projector seller of 2020 in Amazon, which is popular among projectors fans. This post will tell you

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How to Install APP on XGIMI HORIZON Pro?

XGIMI HORIZON Pro is a smart projector, which supports various APP. This post will tell you that how to install APPs on XGIMI HORIZON Pro.