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Optoma vs Epson vs BenQ

Optoma vs Epson vs BenQ: Short Throw Projectors Review

This post will compare and test 3 entry-level short-throw projectors from Optoma, Epson, and BenQ, and see which is best for those home cinema sessions.


How to Choose Home Projector Screen?

The projector screen is an important part of your home projector setup. This video covers the 4 things you need to know when deciding on


Xiaomi VS Wemax VS Fengmi: UST Laser Projectors Comparison & Review

This post compares 8 hot ultra-short-throw projectors from Xiaomi, Wemax, and Fengmi, including Xiaomi Mijia 1S, Wemax One/One Pro, Wemax A300, Wemax D30, Fengmi Cinema


BenQ W1800i 4k Projector Review

BenQ w1800i is a popular 4k projector. This video will review the projector from a user’s perspective, such as quality and performance. Highlights BenQ CinematicColor™


Projector vs TV 2021: How To Choose The Best Home Theater

This video will talk about the differences between TVs and Projectors in a Home Theater setup, and how to choose the best type of display



Pico projectors are mini projectors and they are very small and light. This kind of projector is widely used for cookie decoration, which is called

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QKK Mini Projector QK02 Brief Review

QKK mini projector is a popular budget projector brand, which keeps upgrading from its first mini projector QK01. The brand once ranked the best projector


JMGO U2 Unboxing: A Powerful Tri-Color Laser Projector

JMGO U2 is hot recently.  Many potential buyers want to see it beforehand. Here is an unboxing video about the laser projector, helping you know

Fengmi R1 Nano Projector

Fengmi R1 Nano Projector: A powerful Laser Projector

Fengmi R1 Nano Projector is a smart projector from Formovie. It features an ultra-short throw ratio of 0.23:1, delivering an ultra-big image with just a


HP CC220 Projector, A Mini Projector For Home Use

The HP CC200 falls under the ” Everyday ” Category ” for Personal and Home users. Just as HP says, HP CC200 is a Full


Motorized Projector Shelf DIY Guide

Want to make your projector awesome and cool? You can get a Motorized Projector Shelf. In this video, you can also DIY a Motorized Projector


Fengmi R1 vs Wemax One: Which is Better?

A real comparative review between Fengmi R1 and Wemax One in terms of image performance under different environments. You can see their side-by-side image performance


Samsung Premiere Projector Performance Test &Comparative Analysis

Samsung Premiere projector (LSP9T) has a retail price of $6500 (Now $4,999.99). But it does have impressive specs and great image quality. Let’s see how


Samsung Premier Projector, A 4k Tricolor Laser Projector

This is a video about the Samsung Premier LSP9T 4k Tricolor Laser projector. The Samsung UST 4k projector home theater with 2800 ANSI Lumens, HDR10+,


Anker Nebula Cosmos Max Projector Review

The Anker Nebula Cosmos Max is a 4K HDR projector that runs Android TV 9.0. Key Features True Cinema Experience: Watch your favorite movies, sports

Tech Tips

Why the XGIMI MoGo Pro Plus Shut Down Automatically?

 If your XGIMI MoGo Pro Plus shuts down automatically, you can check the following tips to find the solution. 1. Check if the battery is


Top 5 Home Planetarium Projector

Home planetarium projectors can quickly change your room into a “space”. This post lists the top 5 best home planetarium projector Top 5 Dexors Galaxy

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How to Set A Password for Your Epson Projectors?

You can set a password for your Epson projectors to protect your privacy. The default password of your Epson projector is set to 0000. You can


Halloween Projectors|How to Build Outdoor Projector Enclosure?

Halloween is coming! Many people use Halloween projectors for decoration. Therefore, an outdoor weatherproof Projector Enclosure is necessary. This video will teach you how to

4k projector for home theater

BEST 4K Projector for Home Theater 2021

This video picks and reviews the 5 best 4K projectors for home theater after strict evaluation from different dimensions. Looking for Best 4k Projectors in