Lumen is the brightness unit of a projector. Generally, ANSI lumens and lumens are the commonest units on the projector market. Do you know how to convert 200 ANSI lumens to lumens?

Lumens generally refer to light source lumens if there is no additional explanation. Light source lumen is not an internally recognized unit because it has no unified and standardized measurement. Therefore, we can just conclude a general conversion rate based on the public data from projector manufacturers.

According to the public data from many projector manufacturers, 1 ANSI lumen can be converted to 30 light source lumens.

You can use the Projector Lumen Converter Tool of projector1 to convert ANSI lumens to light source lumens quickly and conveniently.

Here is a table for some common value conversions between ANSI lumens to light source lumens. For example, conversion between

ANSI Lumens Light source Lumens

The conversion result is an approximated value for your reference. Please contact the projector supplier for accurate data for brightness values.

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