Presentation timer can indicate the presentation time on the screen to help you achieve better time management when giving presentations. This writting will show you how to use this useful feature in details.

Presentation Timer allows you to decide if you want the timer to show up on the screen for one of the following time periods, you can set it up in the Timer Display:
• Always: Displays the timer on screen throughout the presentation time.
• 1 min/2 min/3 min: Displays the timer on screen in the last 1/2/3 minute(s).
• Never: Hides the timer throughout the presentation time.

Also you can choose the Counting Direction as you like. Sets your desired counting direction between:
• Count Up: Increases from 0 to the preset time.
• Count Down: Decreases from the preset time to 0.

It also supports Sound Reminder: Allows you to decide if you want to activate sound reminder. Once enabled, a double beep sound will be heard at the last 30 seconds of counting down/up, and a triple beep sound will be produced when the timer is up. If the timer is already on, the timer will restart whenever the Preset Time is reset.

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