This guide will show you how to reset the marginal focus of Cannon WUX5800 Projector in details, hope it’s helpful.

Marginal Focis Resetting Adjustment

Clears the values set in marginal focus adjustment and returns the lens marginal focus to the standard position.
In the [Install settings] menu, select [Professional settings] > [Marginal focus] > [Reset] to reset the adjustment.

After the above window disappears, the values set in [Marginal focus] are cleared and the lens marginal focus is returned to the standard position. A reset can be applied regardless of whether [Marginal focus] is set to [On] or [Off].
Tip: Setting [Marginal focus] to [Off] will not reset the setting value for marginal focus. Select [Off] to preserve the setting value and prevent further adjustment.

Cannon WUX5800 Projector

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