AAXA P400 is a new short-throw LED projector. If you find the image of the projector is blurry, you can check the following possible causes for troubleshooting.

AAXA P400 Projector

1. The projector is not in focus. Adjust the focus with the focus adjustment buttons on the remote control or use the focus adjustment buttons on the side of the projector.

2. The Projector is offset from the plane/angle of operation. Move the projector so that it is both 180 degrees and on an even plane with the screen.

AAXA P400 Blurry Image Troubleshooting

3. The surrounding lights are strong. You can turn the lights off or close the curtain when the lights are strong. A dark environment helps to improve the viewing effect.

4. The screen size is too big. The maximum screen size of the projector is 180 inches. Do not exceed the screen size. If the screen size is too big, the image will be blurry.

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