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What is VGA?

VGA refers to Video Graphics Array. It is a computer display standard using analog signals proposed by IBM in 1987.  VGA port is a dedicated

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What is the RS-232C?

RS-232C is short for Recommended Standard 232 C. The letter C refers to correction, meaning that the standard is a corrected version. “232” is the

XGIMI Horizon Pro vs Anker Nebula Cosmos Max

Projector Comparison|XGIMI Horizon Pro vs Anker Nebula Cosmos Max

This video compares the XGIMI Horizon Pro and the Anker Nebula Cosmos Max. Both of the two smart projectors have a 4K resolution and Android

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The Difference Between Native 4K and DLP 4K UHD

When browsing projector pages on the internet, you may see Native 4K and DLP 4K UHD frequently. Do you know the difference between them?  

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How to Use Your Phone as Remote Control of XGIMI HORIZON Pro?

XGIMI HORIZON Pro is a hot model of XGIMI. Many beginners want to know that how to use their phone as a remote control. Here

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The Top 8 DLP Projector Faults or Problems and Causes

Most household projectors adopt DLP technology, which is a relatively mature technology. However, it is strange for many projector beginners. This article lists the top

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How to Connect iPhone to A Projector?|Screen Mirroring

There are various projectors in the market, which have different ways of connection. This article lists 3 common and generalized methods of connecting the iPhone

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How to Project Files to Epson Projector from iOS or Android Device?

Many projector beginners don’t know that how to project files from their IOS or Android devices to Epson projectors. Here is a guide. Firstly, you

tri-color laser vs single-color laser
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What does Tri-Color Laser Projector Mean?

Tri-Color Laser projectors are often compared with single-color laser projectors. What are the differences? You can have a quick understanding by means of the comparative

Tripod Projector Screen

Tripod Projector Screen 100 inch Unboxing: 16:9 RATIO

Tripod Screen 100 inch – Indoor and Outdoor Projection Screen for Movie or Office Presentation – 16:9 HD Premium Wrinkle-Free Tripod Screen.Video Author: MizNaturalist

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How to Use PPT by XGIMI HORIZON Pro?

Many projector users want to use Powerpoint (hereinafter referred to as PPT) by means of their XGIMI HORIZON Pro. So, how to start and use

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What to Do if Your Epson’s Buttons Don’t Work?

Buttons on the projector are important for users. But, what if the buttons don’t work? Don’t worry! The buttons may be locked by yourself unconsciously.

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What is Keystone Correction?

Keystone Correction is a common term widely seen in projector specifications. This technology is a solution to the keystone effect. The keystone effect is the

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Full Review of Dangbei X3: An Excellent Laser Projector

Dangbei X3 is a flagship projector of Dangbei released this year, which is popular in global market. Today, we’ll review this laser projector from various

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SDR vs HDR: What’s the Difference?

SDR and HDR are frequently seen in projector specifications. So, what’s the difference between them? SDR refers to Standard Dynamic Range, which represents light intensity

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How to Clean Lens of Your BenQ Projector?

Here is a guide for you to clean lens of Your projector, examplified by BenQ projector. Tools: Air Blower Lens Pen Lens Wipe Microfiber Cloth

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DCI-P3 vs Rec. 709 vs Rec. 2020: What’s the Difference?

When you see the specification of projectors, you may see DCI-P3, Rec. 709 or Rec. 2020. Do you know the difference? All the three terms

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How to Pick a Proper Projector?

There are so many projectors in the market making us confused. It is hard to define best, but relatively easy to pick a proper one.