Samsung The Freestyle is hot among projector fans after its dazzling debut on CES 2022. It has a unique outer design but also a high price. This post will compare the Freestyle with other two popular portable projectors, AAXA P7 and Emotn H1.

Firstly, let’s have a look at the side-by-side parameter comparison of the three projectors.


In terms of outer design, the three projectors have their own characteristics.


Emotn H1> AAXA P7> Samsung The Freestyle

Samsung The Freestyle: easy to adjust orientation because of the rotatable stand.

AAXA P7: Small size with a cubic shape;

Emotn H1: with a leather handle, easy to handle.


AAXA P7< Samsung The Freestyle< Emotn H1

AAXA P7 is the smallest one among the three projectors.


Emotn H1> AAXA P7> Samsung The Freestyle

All of the three models have the native resolution of 1080P, but the brightness and contrast ratio are different. For brightness, Emotn H1 is labeled as 250 ANSI lumens, while AAXA P7 and Samsung The Freestyle are labeled with LED lumens. After converting the LED lumens into the widely recognized ANSI lumens, their brightness is similar.

The contrast ratio is also a key parameter of image quality, which determines the details of the image. The higher the contrast, the more details you can see in the image. Emotn H1 is the best in terms of image contrast among the three projectors.


Among the three models, AAXA P7 is relatively poor in terms of system and smart features.

Samsung The Freestyle is equipped with a Tizen system, enabling the users to enjoy the perks of Samsung smart TV and access streaming apps.

Emotn H1 has a built-in Android 9.0 system, allowing users to download various streaming apps or video apps by means of Emotn store. In addition, the projector has 1+16G large memory to ensure stable and quick operation.

AAXA P7 has no built-in system, and users have to buy a TV stick or other devices to access content resources.

Smart Features and Connectivity

Samsung The Freestyle and the Emotn H1 are better in terms of smart features among the three models.

Samsung The Freestyle and the Emotn H1 both support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. AAXA P7 doesn’t support Wi-Fi, and therefore it is troublesome to access the network. All of the three models support screen mirroring for both Android and iOS users.

It is worthy to note that Samsung The Freestyle supports voice control, making the command and operation easier. Emotn H1 supports 3D, allowing users to watch 3D videos via the projector.

However, Emotn H1 and AAXA P7 are better in terms of interfaces and ports. The interfaces of Samsung The Freestyle are relatively few.


Compared with AAXA P7, Samsung The Freestyle and Emotn H1 are obviously better in terms of system and smart features. Samsung The Freestyle is apparently more expensive than the other two models.

If you want a portable smart projector with a reasonable price and good image quality, the Emotn H1 may be a good choice.