Sometimes, we need to connect Yaber projector to a computer for more content resources. This post will take Yaber Y31 as an example and tell you the connection method.


HDMI cable

VGA cable

If you pursue HD viewing effects when playing videos, you can choose an HDMI cable.


  1. Turn on your computer and the projector;
  2. Connect the HDMI/VGA cable to your computer’s HDMI/VGA port;
  3. Connect the other end to any available HDMI/VGA port on your projector;
  4. Press the “Source” button to enter the interface of Input Source;
  5. Select HDMI/ PC-RGB source to project any files on your computer;
  6. Press and hold the combination keys “Win + P”, and you can select the display mode.

Please note that the VGA connection can only transmit analog signals of video not audio, and an external speaker is required if adopting a VGA cable connection.

Differences of 4 Display Modes

Computer only: it is the default option, meaning that it only displays on the main monitor.

Duplicate: it makes all of the monitors display the same thing duplicating the desktop on each monitor.

Extend: makes all of your monitors act like one big monitor extending the desktop across all of them.

Projector only: Displays only on the secondary monitor like a projector.