If you come across some problems when using YABER Y21, you can check the following tips for troubleshooting.

YABER Y21 Projector Troubleshooting

YABER Y21 Troubleshooting: Inverted Image

  • The projection direction may not be correct. You can fix it by entering Menu-Picture-Projection Direction to flip the projection image.

YABER Y21 Troubleshooting: not square or allied horizontally image

  • Make sure the YABER Y21 projector is placed on a flat surface with a projector light in the middle of the screen.
  • Make sure the projector screen is placed horizontally.

YABER Y21 Troubleshooting: color distortion

  • Make sure your video source has a fine resolution.
  • Adjust the picture colors: enter Menu-Picture-Color Temperature, then select different modes and adjust the value accordingly.
  • Reset the factory default setting: enter Menu-Option-Restore Factory Default to reset.
YABER Y21 Projector Troubleshooting

YABER Y21 Troubleshooting: Remote doesn’t work

  • Make sure the batteries of the remote control are installed correctly and the battery life is enough.
  • The remote works with the projector through the IR receiver. The remote works only when the IR receiver is within the direct reaction distance and will be unresponsive if the IR receiver is blocked or covered.
  • Keep a close distance from the projector when using the remote control.

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