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Philips Screeneo U5
Projector Reviews

Philips Screeneo U5 Review: UST Projector With Dolby Vision

Philips Screeneo U5 is a new UST 4K laser projector following the release of Philips Screeneo U4. Compared with Philips Screeneo U4, the new projector

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GV30
Buying Guide

BenQ GV11 vs BenQ GV30: Which Is Better?

BenQ GV11 is a newcomer from BenQ projector portfolios. How about it compared with its sibling BenQ GV30? BenQ GV11 and BenQ GV30 are both

BenQ GV11
Projector Reviews

BenQ GV11 Review: Smart Portable Projector with Android TV

BenQ GV11 is a new portable projector released by the renowned DLP projector brand BenQ. In this post, we will review the projector from different

Formovie Theater vs Formovie 4K Cinema
Buying Guide

Formovie Theater vs Formovie 4K Cinema: Which Laser TV Is Better?

Formovie Theater and Formovie 4K Cinema are both laser TVs from the same brand. Which is a better option? In this article, we will compare

Buying Guide

VANKYO V700W vs VANKYO 495W: Dolby Projectors Comparison

VANKYO V700W is a newcomer to the Vankyo Home Theater Projector series. It has the same pricing as its sibling VANKYO Leisure 495W. The two

Hot UST projector 2022
Buying Guide

Formovie Theater vs Leica Cine 1 vs Epson LS800: UST Projector 2022

Formovie Theater, Leica Cine 1, and Epson LS 800 are all hot UST 4K projectors released in 2022. In this guide, we will compare the

BenQ HT2150ST vs BenQ TH690ST
Buying Guide

BenQ HT2150ST vs BenQ TH690ST: Gaming Projector Comparison

BenQ HT2150ST and BenQ TH690ST are both gaming projectors with short throws, and they have close price tags and similar configurations. In this post, we

Epson LS800 no sound
Buying Guide

Epson LS800 Review: A Decent Laser TV for Small Living Room

Epson LS800 (Full name: Epson EpiqVision EH-LS800) is a new project released in September. Epson claims that the projector is a “super-ultra-short-throw projector”, which has

Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500
Buying Guide

Epson LS800 VS Epson LS500: What Are the Differences?

Epson LS800 is a new UST (Ultra Short Throw) projector released in early September. The projector has many things in common with Epson LS500. In

Dangbei Mars Pro Projector Unboxing
Buying Guide

Dangbei Mars Pro Unboxing and Real Shoot|4K Projector 2022

Dangbei Mars Pro is a hot 4K projector on the market. How about this projector? In this post, we will share the Dangbei Mars Pro

Smithsonian planetarium projector review
Buying Guide

Smithsonian Planetarium Projector Review

You may hear of star projectors or galaxy projectors, and today we will talk about planetarium projectors. The Smithsonian planetarium projector is a hot option

Best Home Theater Projector Under 500
Buying Guide

Best Home Theater Projector Under 500 for 2022

Projector has been a popular electric appliance for home theater among trendy people and the younger in recent years. A budget of $500 is common

BenQ HT2050A VS BenQ TH585P VS BenQ TK700
Buying Guide

BenQ HT2050A VS BenQ TH585P VS BenQ TK700: Which is Better?

BenQ HT2050A VS BenQ TH585P VS BenQ TK700

Best HD projector under 500
Buying Guide

Best HD Projector Under 500 for 2022

Resolution is a key parameter for a projection image. You may see HD, FHD, and UHD when you browse projectors on the internet. For home

Best Projector Under 600
Buying Guide

Best Projector Under 600 for 2022

There are many causes for the popularity of the projector, and one of the causes is the low cost. In this guide, we will recommend

Formovie THEATER vs BenQ V7050i vs Dangbei Mars Pro
Buying Guide

Formovie THEATER vs BenQ V7050i vs Dangbei Mars Pro

Formovie THEATER, BenQ V7050i, and Dangbei Mars Pro are both hot 4K projector options on the market. What are the differences between them? Which is

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Best Budget 1080P Projector 2022

Projectors are increasingly popular on the market because they have lower costs than TV but have bigger images and smart features. In this guide, we

Formovie Dice Projector Review
Projector Reviews

Formovie Dice Projector Review: Powerful Portable Projector for 2022

Formovie Dice projector is a hot portable projector on the market. Just like the name of the projector, the shape of the projector looks like

CASIRIS A6 review
Projector Reviews

CASIRIS A6 Projector Review: Smart Laser TV

CASIRIS A6 is the first 4K laser projector of the CASIRIS brand that is oriented to the US market. This projector features Ultra Short Throw,

Best Projector Under $300
Buying Guide

Best Projector Under $300 for 2022

Buying Guide for Projectors Under $300