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ViewSonic Adds 2 New LED Projectors for Meeting and Education

ViewSonic Adds 2 New LED Projectors for Meeting and Educational Use

ViewSonic has added 2 new LED projectors for its projector portfolios recently, ViewSonic LS500W/WH and LS550W/WH. The two projectors are positioned for the enterprise and

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ANSI to Lumens Calculator and 6 Common Projector Brightness Units

Brightness is a core parameter for a projector’s image and the lumen is the unit of the brightness of the projector. As we all know,

best portable projectors
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Top 5 Best Portable Projectors for 2022

A portable projector brings you a moving theater at any place. The author collects the best portable projectors to help you make a wise decision.

BenQ TK700Sti vs BenQ TK 700 gaming projector
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BenQ TK700STi vs BenQ TK700|Gaming Projector Comparison

BenQ TK700STi and BenQ TK700 are both gaming projectors with the same appearance and the same weight, but they have different prices. What are the

Top 10 projector brands-main
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Top 10 Best Projector Brands in The World Market for 2022

With the development of technology, smart projectors have greatly changed home entertainment. Compared with TVs, projectors provide a bigger screen with an immersive viewing experience

GROVIEW projector buying guide
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GROVIEW G210 vs GROVIEW RD850 vs GROVIEW JQ818C: Which is Better?

GROVIEW G210, GROVIEW RD850, and GROVIEW JQ818C are all LCD projectors. What are the differences between them? Which is Better? Before answering these questions, you

Bold Projectors Buying Guide 2022: Budget Mini Projectors for Outdoors
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Bold Projectors Buying Guide 2022: Budget Mini Projectors for Outdoors

Bold projectors are portable mini projectors with low cost and various features. This post will introduce the Bold projectors from different perspectives, helping you to

Animal Torch & Projector
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Animal Torch & Projector Review and Buying Guide

Animal Torch & Projector is a hot product from Brainstorm Limited. Just as the name indicates, Animal Torch & Projector can be viewed as both

Jinhoo Projector
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Jinhoo Projector Review | Jinhoo M10 Wi-Fi Version, Budget Projector for 2022

Jinhoo projector is a cost-efficient LCD projector brand. Among its product portfolio, Jinhoo M10 is the most popular model. The article will review the Jinhoo

Samsung Freestyle Ambient mode
Home Projectors

My 10 favorite home projectors

As a home theater enthusiast, I have used countless projector products, and the following 10 are my favorite home projectors to share for your reference.

Meer YG300 projector review
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Meer YG300 Projector Review: Budget LCD Mini Projector

Meer YG300 mini projector is one of the best sellers in terms of video projectors on Amazon. This post will analyze its performance from different

TMY projector 2022 review
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TMY Projector Review 2022 Version: Cost-efficient LCD Projector

TMY projector is one of the best sellers in Video Projectors on Amazon. This post will review the TMY projector 2022 upgraded version (TMY V08)

ELEPHAS W13 vs ELEPHAS YG280: What Are the Differences?
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ELEPHAS W13 vs ELEPHAS YG280: What Are the Differences?

ELEPHAS W13 and ELEPHAS YG280 are popular projectors of the ELEPHAS brand. What are the differences between them? This post will analyze them in detail.

Jinhoo M10 vs Jinhoo M20
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Jinhoo M10 vs Jinhoo M20: What Are the Differences?

Jinhoo M10 and Jinhoo M20 are both LCD mini projectors. They share similar shapes, designs, and market positioning. This article will compare the two projectors

Projectcor calculator
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What Can Projector Calculator of Projector1 do?

Before setting up a projector for a home cinema, you need to know the screen size, projector placing position, ideal viewing distance. An online Projector

GooDee YG420 review
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GooDee YG420 Projector Review: Cost-efficient LED 720P Projector

GooDee YG420 is a new projector from the popular projector brand. Is it worth buying? How about its performance? This review will help you to

VANKYO Leisure 495W review
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VANKYO Leisure 495W Review: Budget Dolby Projector with 1080P

VANKYO Leisure 495W is a mini projector with Dolby Audio and native 1080P resolution. This post will review the VANKYO projector from different perspectives. Appearance

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WEJOY Y2 Projector Review: Budget 1080P Portable Projector

WEJOY Y2 is a portable projector that is released in 2021. This projector is positioned as a budget portable projector suitable for children. This post

VAVA Chroma vs BenQ V7050i vs XGIMI AURA
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VAVA Chroma vs BenQ V7050i vs XGIMI AURA|Ultra-Short Throw Projector

VAVA Chroma, BenQ V7050i, and XGIMI AURA are all popular new Ultra Short Throw projectors. This article will compare them side by side, helping you

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Projector Heat Dissipation: How to Cool Projector Down Quickly?

If you walk close to your projector, you may feel the heat produced by the device. Why does the projector generate heat? How to cool