An astronaut light projector is a mini projector that has the shape of an astronaut. Just as the name indicates, the astronaut light projector will project colorful lights. Their functions are similar to galaxy projectors.

It is totally different from a common video projector because it can’t play images, videos, or music.

Astronaut Light Projector Buying Guide for 2022
Astro Alan

Astronaut light projector Buying Guide

Astronaut light projectors are abundant on the market. You should check the following 8 points to get a better astronaut light projector.

1. Check the number of Color Patterns

A good astronaut light projector supports 8 or more color patterns. You can change different patterns when are tired of the original pattern.

Astronaut Light Projector

2. Check whether the projector can rotate or not

A rotary astronaut light projector can project dynamic color patterns, which is more beautiful. The rotation angle of 360 degrees is better.

Astronaut Light Projector rotate

3. Check whether the astronaut light projector has a timer

Common astronaut light projectors provide two or more timer options. The feature is suitable for use before going to sleep. It can turn the lights off automatically when you are asleep.

4. Check the projection size

A good astronaut light projector can project a large projection size. The large projection size can fill the whole ceiling with the lights, providing an immersive galaxy experience.

Astronaut Light Projector Buying Guide
SunTime astronaut light projector

5. Check whether the projector has a battery

If the astronaut light projector has a battery, you can move it easily.

6. Check the material

The material should be non-toxic plastic, for example, ABS plastic.

Clesea Kids astronaut light Projector

7. Check the workmanship

You can check the images of the user review to briefly see the workmanship of the projector. If you want to send the projector to children or friends as a gift, you can pick one with a good beautiful package.

8. Check the price

The average price range of the astronaut light projector is $25-$120. It is not necessary to spend much money as it only projects lights pattern.

That’s all the 8 points you should check before buying an astronaut projector.

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