The Panasonic PT-VZ580U WUXGA 3LCD projector offers 5000 lumens of brightness and 16,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It can provide detailed image output especially the black areas of picture. And 5000 lumens of brightness means you will still get a razor-sharp image even if in relatively bright rooms.

It adopts 280W UHM bulb as light source, lamp-based projector has merits like higher brightness, more lively color rendition… But it requires users to replace the lamp periodically since its lamp lifespan are usually very short. Our Panasonic PT-VZ580U here houses lamp life time of 5000 hours and if you keep use it with ECO Mode, it can be 7000 hours

Pros and cons of Panasonic PT-VZ580U Business Projector


Multiple and rich connection interface

Incredible brightness and image output

RBE won’t appear


Poor lamp life with 5000 hours

Panasonic PT-VZ580U sports a 1920 x 1200 WUXGA native resolution and 3LCD display technology. The screen size is from 30-300 inch. Both Horizontal & Vertical Digital Keystone is provided by the unit. What’s more, Panasonic PT-VZ580U got you covered with all sorts of connectivity such as audio in/out mini jacks, RCA, HDMI x 2, RJ-45, RS232: DB-9pin, USB, VGA.

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