When the Panasonic projected image stop, or the communication between Mac OS X v10.9 computer with the projector become interrupted, what should we do? This problem occurs because of the [App Nap] function included on Mac OS X v10.9 and later versions.

When using Mac OS X v10.9 and the Easy Wireless Stick window is not active (when it is hidden behind another window or the window is minimized), the [App Nap] function sometimes stops the projected image or the communication with the projector becomes interrupted. In that case, users need to take the following steps to disable [App Nap].

Panasonic projector

How to disable [App Nap] on Easy Wireless Stick software

1.Click the red close button (red dot on the upper left) to quit Easy Wireless Stick software.

2.Display the information of Easy Wireless Stick software.

Select [Finder] – [User name], and then right-click (or control-click) on [EWS] to select [Get Info].

3.Disable [App Nap] on an application.

Check the box for [Prevent App Nap], found under the General section of Get Info.

4.Close the Get Info window.

5.Restart Easy Wireless Stick software.

Manually run the [EWS] file in the [EasyWS] CD drive displayed in the Finder.