How to Choose the Perfect Portable Projector?

Portable projectors have become a versatile solution for on-the-go entertainment and professional presentations. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task with the myriad


Lightic Mini Projector: Compact, Portable, and Feature-Packed

In the ever-evolving world of technology, compactness and portability have become key factors in the design and functionality of electronic devices. The Lightic Mini Projector


Ai Pin Mini Laser Projector – The First Wearable Device That Projects onto Your Palm

Humane, a company founded by two former design and engineering executives from Apple, is set to unveil its first wearable device, the Ai Pin. Priced


Wanbo Mini Projector Released

The Wanbo Mini Projector is now available for purchase on the official Xiaomi Youpin website, offering a new level of convenience and portability in the


Introducing CIRQ, the World’s Smallest 1080p Projector

If you’re looking for a portable projector that you can easily take with you on the go, the CIRQ projector may be just what you


Introducing the Dangbei Neo: An All-in-One Mini Projector with Native Netflix

May 5, 2023 – Dangbei, a home entertainment industry leader, is pleased to announce the release of its newest product, the Dangbei Neo, an all-in-one

WEJOY Y2 projector
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WEJOY Y2 Projector Spec Review

WEJOY Y2 interactive projector is a portable mini projector, let’s take a look at the specs to see what’s its downsides and merits. The highlight

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WEJOY DL-S12 Mini Projector Review | Pros and Cons

The WEJOY DL-S12 projector is a portable cube-shaped mini projector. Mini projectors become a rising trend in recent years, of course it’s far from powerful


A REAL Budget Projector Review

The author bought 3 projectors priced under $200, including: Auking Mini Projector Goodee G500 Vivibright D5000 The Auking Mini Projector only costs $69. Let’s see

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Top 7 Best Pico Projectors for 2023

A pico projector is a convenient and easy-to-use piece of media equipment and is becoming increasingly popular for at-home and professional use. A quality pico


iSpace2 Mini Projector: the First Rotary Wake-up Projector in the World

VIEWCOMM, a Chinese tech company, has revealed a new mini projector: iSpace2. The company claims that the new projector is the first rotary wake-up projector

Gazer Projector
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Gazer Projector: The Best Stunning Smart Projector?

Gazer Projector is a cute smart mini projector launched on INDIEGOGO last year. Just as the brand name, the mini projector is just like an

Best Projector for iPhone

The Top 5 Best Mini Projectors for iPhone

Here is a list of the top 5 mini projectors for iPhone users. 5 – Anker Nebula Capsule, Smart Wi-Fi Mini Projector 4 – AKASO

Best Mini Projector for iPhone

Best Mini Projector For iPhone 2021

The TechMag listed the Best Mini Projector for iPhone and Android 2021 according to different uses and using scenarios. Here are the lists. ► Best


5 Best Mini Projectors for Phone 2021

In this video the author listed the 5 Best mini projectors for your Phone or iPhone. 5 ► Epson V11H795020 PowerLite 1780W LCD Projector 4

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Dangbei C2 Review: A Powerful and Beatiful Mini Projector

Dangbei C2 is a cute mini projector released in 2020, which is suitable for outdoors use. This projector has a small size but not compromised

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TOGIC ONE, a Multi-Purpose Mini Projector for The Youngsters

TOGIC, an Android smart television operation solutions provider, unveiled a new mini projector, TOGIC ONE. It has a stylistic and beautiful appearance and a lively


10 Best Mini Projectors in 2021

Here are the Top 10 Best Mini Projectors selected by Hype Tech, you can visit the following link to get more information. Yaber V2 Wi-Fi

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Dangbe C2 Projector Review, Mini and Portable

Dangbe C2 projector review, the overall plus point is quite a lot, mobile and portable is the obvious advantage.

Liusijia MUMUJJ Projector
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Liusijia MUMUJJ Projector,Mini Outdoor Movie Projector

Plenty of functional ports: The projector equipped with multiple-media interfaces better use for leisure time, Including HDMI, USB, audio and AV interface. Connect to your smartphone.