Dangbei C2 is a cute mini projector released in 2020, which is suitable for outdoors use.

This projector has a small size but not compromised functions.

Size & Weight

As the second generation of mini projector of Dangbei, it has a dimension of 82x87x141mm, which is shorter than your iPhone and doesn’t take up as much space.

Compared with previous version, the grip of Dangbei C2 is becoming more and more comfortable. It can be easily grasped with one hand, and can also be put in a bag for business trips.

It weighs only 720g, just like carrying an extra bottle of mineral water.


The overall design is brief and smooth. The logo of Dangbei is labled at the bottom of the mini projector. The color of the projector is simple and bright, combined white and black.

It has two lens, one big and the other is small. The main lens adopts the all-glass fixed focus lens, which can be used for a long time without virtual focus. The small one has a BUILT-IN ToF sensor, which realizes the non-perceptive focusing of a clear picture when the machine is put down based on the change of the machine’s position can be captured by the gravity sensor.

Core Parameters

It operates on Dangbei OS, which is smooth and quick to response.

It has a brightness of 255 ANSI lumens, which is better for eyes and delivers a clear image. It supports HDR 10, providing users with HD image.

In addition, the projector supports keystone correction, auto focus and wireless screen mirroring. You have no need to operate is manually.

As a portable projector, it has a good battery performance, lasting 3 hours for one charging.

AS a portable mini projector, Dangbei C2 does well in terms of battery life, image quality and outer design, which can meet the needs of outdoor entertainment and business trips.

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