Lenovo YOGA 5000S Cube Projector Now Available: 1300 CVIA Lumens

Lenovo has launched its latest addition to the projector lineup, the YOGA 5000S Cube Projector. This compact device measures approximately 180x180mmx130mm and weighs around 2.2kg.


Lenovo Launches the YOGA 5000s Projector

Lenovo has unveiled its latest addition to the projector market with the launch of the YOGA 5000s projector. Priced at 3,899 yuan($551), with an introductory


Lenovo YOGA 5000s Smart Projector to be launched

Lenovo YOGA today previewed a smart projector called YOGA 5000s, pricing, launch date, and even detailed parameters were not announced. From the official preheating content,

YOGA7000 projector

Lenovo Released YOGA7000 Smart Projector in May

The Lenovo YOGA7000 projector is a projector product of the YOGA series announced by Lenovo on May 3, 2022. This will also be a smart

Lenovo YOGA T500 Play

Lenovo Released YOGA T500 Play Projector

Lenovo has released a new projector YOGA T500 Play under its popular YOGA lineup at the end of December. YOGA T500 Play is the second