Lenovo has recently teased its upcoming Xiaoxin 100S projector, setting the stage for an exciting addition to the world of projection technology. This cutting-edge projector is now officially listed on Lenovo’s platform, with pre-sales scheduled to commence on October 23, 2023.

From the sneak peek provided, the Lenovo Xiaoxin 100S projector is expected to be available in two eye-catching colors: purple and white. Unlike its predecessor, the Lenovo Xiaoxin 100, which boasted a slim and lightweight design, the 100S model comes with a distinctive square-shaped body and weighs approximately 2 kilograms.

In terms of functionality, the Lenovo Xiaoxin 100S projector boasts some intriguing features. It supports automatic focus adjustment, trapezoidal correction to ensure the perfect image alignment, and intelligent obstacle avoidance technology. This projector is anticipated to run on Lenovo’s smart operating system, promising an ad-free boot-up experience. Additionally, it’s set to feature AI-powered near-field voice recognition, one-click screen casting, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and more.

The previous-generation Lenovo Xiaoxin 100 projector, released last year, was celebrated for its slim and portable design, available in three elegant colors: blue, gray, and white. On the visual front, it delivered 700 ANSI lumens of brightness, supported a 1080P resolution, featured HDR10 high dynamic range decoding technology, and was equipped with EEP picture quality enhancements along with AI color and image enhancement. While the full specifications of the new Xiaoxin 100S projector have not been revealed yet, it is expected to uphold and possibly enhance the standards set by its predecessor.

Lenovo’s Xiaoxin 100S projector hints at a promising addition to the world of projection technology. It aims to provide an impressive, immersive projection experience to a wide range of users. With features designed for convenience and visual excellence, this new projector is poised to elevate home entertainment and business presentations alike. Stay tuned for more details when it officially becomes available for pre-sale on October 23, 2023.