NexiGo PJ20 projector has a screen mirroring feature, and you can connect the projector to iPhone wirelessly. Here are the details.

How to Connect NexiGo PJ20 to iPhone?

Wired Connection

  • Plug your iPhone or iPad into the USB port.
  • On the projector, select iOS Cable Cast from the options.
  • Tap Trust when the phone/tablet shows a message saying “Trust this device”.
  • Enter the iPhone password to finish the connection

Wireless Connection

  • Make sure both devices are connected to the same network.
  • On the projector, select iOS Cast from the options.
  • Enter the control center on the iOS device, and click Screen Mirroring.
  • In the list of available mirroring devices, select the device “NexiGo-PJ20” from the list.

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