Crosstour has many budget-friendly projectors on the market, which have a price range of $69.99- $169.99. In this guide, we will give a guide on how to connect Crosstour projectors to iPhones and some troubleshooting solutions.

How to Connect Crosstour Projector to iPhone?

Nowadays, it has 6 projector models on the market. We have concluded 3 iPhone connection methods for all Crosstour projectors.

Connect Crosstour Projector to iPhone via HDMI

This method is suitable for all Crosstour projectors, especially projectors that have no Wi-Fi function and USB direct connection.  See the steps below to know more details.

1. Turn on your Crosstour projector.

2. Get a Digital AV HDMI Adapter (lightning to HDMI adapter) and HDMI cable.

How to Connect Crosstour Projector to iPhone

3. Plug one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI interface of the adapter, and plug the other port of the adapter into the interface of the projector.

4. After connecting the two devices successfully, your iPhone will pop up a message window that reminds you to trust the projector.

5. Click the Trust and enable the projector to access your iPhone.

6. Then, the projector and your iPhone can be connected. If the projector still can’t show the screen of your iPhone, you can enter the homepage of your projector and select the HDMI signal as the input source.

Connect Crosstour Projector to iPhone via USB

Some Crosstour projectors support a USB direct connection, and you can plug the original lightning to USB charging cable of your iPhone into the projector to connect the projector and the iPhone.

1. Turn on the projector.

2. Find your USB charging cable. The cable should be the original charging cable of your iPhone to avoid data access failure.

3. Plug the USB port of the charging cable into the USB interface of the projector.

4. Tap the Trust button to allow the projector to access your iPhone. If you miss the message or click the wrong button, you need to unplug the button and re-plug it again.

5. Then, the Crosstour projector and your iPhone are connected.

Connect Crosstour Projector to iPhone via Wi-Fi

Some Crosstour projectors support Wi-Fi and wireless connection, for example, Crosstour P770 mini projector. Follow the steps below to connect your Crosstour projector to your iPhone.

  1. Turn on your Crosstour projector.
  2. Choose IOS/Mac OS icon on the projector homepage.
  3. Connect your iPhone to the Crosstour projector’s SSID “Projector******” or set the iPhone and projector connected to the same Wi-Fi router.
  4. Go to the Control center and tap “Screen Mirroring” on your iPhone.
  5. Tap “Projector******” (“Projector******” is the device name on the projector).
  6. Then, your iPhone mirror to the projector.

Crosstour Projector Wi-Fi Connection Steps:

  • Turn on the projector.
  • Press the right/left/OK button to choose “setting” MODE in the projector.
  • Press the right/left/OK button to choose the Setting option.
  • Click setting>Wireless>Enter > Wi-Fi>searching to choose the Wi-Fi name and then input the password from the soft keyboard, and click enter to connect the Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi name will show on the right top of the main screen.

How Do I Determine Which Method is Applicable?

To conclude, if your projector has no Wi-Fi, you can try to use the lightning charging cable to connect the projector and your iPhone. If it doesn’t work, then you can only use the HDMI connection method. If your projector supports Wi-Fi, then you can try the wireless connection.

Crosstour Projector Troubleshooting

You can know how to solve the common problems concerning the Crosstour projectors, such as no sound, blurry image, Netflix failure, and remote control failure.

Crosstour Projector No Sound

All Crosstour projectors do not support Dolby audio. If you can’t hear sound when watching Netflix, you can turn off Dolby audio on input devices like Chromecast (Settings > Display & Sounds > Audio > Dolby Digital Output > Dolby Digital (OFF)).

Make sure the projector is not muted by adjusting the volume.

In addition, when you connect the projector to a TV stick or TV box, you need to use the remote control of the TV stick to adjust the volume.

Crosstour Projector Shows Blurry Image

Adjust the focus ring when you use the projector for the first time. You need to roll the focus knob to adjust the image clarity.

If the ambient light is too strong, you need to turn off the lights or close your window curtain because a dark environment helps to improve the viewing effect.

Check the image size. If the image size is too big, the image may be blurry.

The lens may be dirty. Clean the lens gently with a vacuum cleaner.

You can check our previous post Why is My Projector Blurry to see more troubleshooting solutions.

Crosstour Projector Netflix Play Failure

If your projector can’t play Netflix successfully, you can check the solutions below.

Netflix can’t be mirrored by a smartphone because of copyright projection.

Check whether the HDMI cable is normal.

Remember to turn off the Dolby sound when you watch shows from Netflix via Roku or other devices.

You can watch Netflix by connecting the projector to Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, computer, etc. See How to Use a Projector as a TV to know more about projector connection tips.

Crosstour Projector Remote Doesn’t Work

  1. Firstly, check the batteries of the remote control. If the batteries are depleted, you need to replace a new pair of batteries for it.
  2. The distance from your remote to the projector should be within the effective range. The distance can’t be too far.
  3. Point the remote to the IR receiver on the projector. You can refer to the user manual to know its location.
  4. Do not use strong light near the projector as it may interfere with the signal.
  5. Check whether there are blocks between the projector and the remote control. Remember to remove the sundries when using the remote.

Crosstour Projector Can’t Turn On

If the Crosstour projector can’t turn on, it may be overheated, you can wait for a while and restart it later.

The projector may be in sleep mode, you can press and hold the power button to restart it. Check whether the power supply is cut off by testing other electronic devices.

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