ELEPHAS projectors are budget popular projectors on the market. In this guide, we will introduce troubleshooting solutions and provide a user guide for ELEPHAS projectors. You can learn how to troubleshoot common problems and how to use the ELEPHAS projector.

ELEPHAS Projector Troubleshooting

You will see the troubleshooting solutions to common problems with the projector, including no sound, Netflix play failure, remote control failure, no signal, and not turning on.

ELEPHAS Projector No Sound

There are many hidden mistakes or causes if the projector has no sound. You can check the following solutions below to solve the problem.

  • The sound of the projector may be muted, and you can try to turn up the sound.
  • Check whether the audio format is supported on the ELEPHAS projector.
  • Make sure the audio cable is well connected to the corresponding audio interface.
  • Most ELEPHAS projectors don’t support Dolby sound. You need to turn off the Dolby sound on the projector when you are watching shows on some streaming platforms that output Dolby sound by default. Generally, you can enter the setting and audio to turn off the Dolby Digital sound.
  • When you connect the projector to an external device, check whether the audio of the external device is muted or not.
  • When you are connecting the projector to an external device, try to check the status of the HDMI cable.

ELEPHAS Projector Won’t Play Netflix

ELEPHAS projectors are budget multimedia projectors instead of smart projectors. Therefore, ELEPHAS projectors have no built-in Netflix app, and you need to connect the projector to a streaming device (ROKU, Fire TV, etc.) or other external devices (Computer, game consoles) with Netflix to access Netflix.

In addition, you can’t watch Netflix by screen mirroring because of copyright limitations.

Change a new HDMI cable compliant with HDCP and try again.

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ELEPHAS Projector Remote Control

ELEPHAS projectors adopt infrared remote control, and you can try the following solutions below if the projector remote control doesn’t work.

  • Replace the batteries for the remote control to check whether the remote has run down the battery.
  • Keep a close distance from the projector when using the remote control.
  • Point the remote control to the IR receiver and do not point to the side panels of the projector.
  • Remove the block between the projector and the remote to avoid the signal block.
  • Avoid strong lights or fluorescent lights near the remote to avoid signal interference.

ELEPHAS Projector No Signal

If the ELEPHAS projector shows no signal, you can follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem.

  • Check whether you have selected the correct input source. For example, you need to choose HDMI as the input source.
  • Check whether the projector is in sleep mode when you connect the projector to an external device. You can try to unplug and reconnect the projector to the external device.
  • Make sure the cable is well connected.

ELEPHAS Projector Not Turning On

If you can’t start the projector, you can check the following solution below.

  • Check whether the power cord and power socket are connected well. Make sure the power supply works well by testing it with other devices.
  • The ELEPHAS projector may be overheated. You can wait a while and try the projector later when the projector cools down.
  • Check whether the lamp is broken.
  • The projector may be in sleep mode, and you can try to press and hold the power button to start the projector.

ELEPHAS Projector User Guide

You can know the FAQs concerning the ELEPHAS projector and know how to use the projector.

ELEPHAS Projector Connect to Phone

There are different methods to connect the ELEPHAS projector to the phone. Here are the 3 general methods to connect the ELEPHAS projector to the phone. The specific steps are slightly different based on different models. You can refer to the user guide of your projector models for different interfaces.

HDMI Method

This method is applicable to all ELEPHAS projector models.

  • Turn on the ELEPHAS projector.
  • Select HDMI as the input source.  
  • Get lightning to HDMI adapter or Micro USB/Type C to HDMI adapter for your Android phone.
  • Connect the projector to your phone using the adapter.
  • Trust the projector on your phone according to the prompt message on your phone.
  • Then, the projector and the phone are connected.

USB Method

  • Turn on your ELEPHAS projector.
  • Select the Screen mirroring or Cast as the input source.
  • Get the original charging cable of your phone.
  • Connect the projector and your phone via the USB interface.
  • Trust the projector (computer) on your phone.
  • Then, the two devices are connected.

Wireless Method

  • Turn on the projector as usual.
  • Press the S key and select Screen Mirroring as the input source.
  • Connect the projector and the phone to the same network.
  • Open screen mirroring/Cast on your phone.
  • Connect the signal of the projector and start screen mirroring.

How to Use ELEPHAS Projector?

1. Place the ELEPHAS projector on your table.

2. Connect the projector to the power cord and the power socket.

3. Hang on a screen ahead of the projector.

4. Adjust the focus to make the blurry image clear.

5. Roll the keystone correction button to make your image rectangular.

6. Connect the projector to an external device to access more content.

7. Then, you can enjoy content on the projector.

How to Connect ELEPHAS Projector to Wi-Fi?

1. Turn on the projector.

2. Enter the Setting of the projector and then select Wi-Fi.

3. Select the signal of your home Wi-Fi and connect.

4. Input the password using the remote control.

5. Then, you can connect the projector to Wi-Fi.

How to Restore the Projector to Factory Default Setting?

If you want to restore the ELEPHAS projector to the factory default setting, you can follow the steps below.

1. Turn on the projector.

2. Enter setting.

3. Select Restore Setting.

4. Select Restore the Factory Default Settings.

5. Click OK to affirm the operation.

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