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6 Important Tips for Projector Maintenance and Care

Projectors are quite precise devices, tend to have longer lifetime if we keep them in good maintenance. Since you’ve invested on a projector, let me
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Projector Invention brings revolution to Cinema

The revolutionary history of projector invention begins with the magic lantern’s innovation and goes all the way down to the most advanced projectors of modern days. Undoubtedly,

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What is 3D Ready Projector? The Difference Between 3D and 3D Ready

You may have heard of 3D projector, but what is 3D ready projector? Is there any difference between them? 3D transmission format Firstly, let’s learn

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The Story of Projector Invention

Several inventors take the credit for the projector invention. That’s why the history of projector invention is not less than a roller coaster. Even the

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How to Test Projector Lamp is Bad?

Projector Lamp is a core component contained by projectors of all sorts, no matter a high-end one or a budget one, they are all counting