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XGIMI Aura Review| A NEW 4K Laser Ultra Short Throw Projector

XGIMI Aura is new 4k Ultra Short Throw laser projector released by XGIMI. XGIMI Aura is rated at 2,400 ANSI lumens, delivering excellent brightness and

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Everything You Should Know About LCD

LCD is one of the mainstream display technologies widely used in the world. What is LCD? LCD is short for the Liquid Crystal Display, which

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What to Do If Your Epson Projector Lights Flash and Indicates Error?

Projector lights are important indicators of your Epson projector operation status. You can quickly find the problem with your projector by means of lights.  This

Epson Home Cinema LS100
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How to Clean the Air Filter of Your Epson Projector?

After operating for a long time, the air filter of your Epson projector may be covered with thin dust, which affects the heat dissipation and

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5 Best Star Projectors 2021 – Bringing The Cosmos Into Your Home

Here is a list of best star projectors 2021 from different perspectives. See the star projector lights below. Best Choice Star Projector 1. COSMIKA Smart


Laser Twilight Cosmos Star Light Projector Review

This is a projector review video about Laser Twilight Cosmos Star Light Projector. Video Author: Britny Ellen

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Star Projector Light | RHM Aurora Unboxing & Review

This is a video of Aurora Star Projector from RHM. This is an awesome star projector light that comes with an inbuilt speaker. So you


Projector Lights: Creative Lighting Using A Projector

Projector lights can also become a creative scene. Lighting your scene using a 4K movie projector provides you endless creative possibilities to put your subject

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What to do If Your XGIMI H2 Has Audio Delay?

Some XGIMI H2 users come across an audio delay. What to do if your XGIMI H2 has the same problem. See the tips as follows.

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Lumens vs ANSI Lumens|What are Lumens or ANSI Lumens?

Lumens are the common brightness parameter of the projectors. However, different lumen units are adopted by different projector manufacturers in the market, making consumers confused.

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Optoma Adds 3 New Projectors for their New Ultra Series

Optoma announced three new products to its New Ultra Series on Sept. 22, 2021. The three products include ZU1700, ZU1900 and ZU2200. They have incredibly

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Lamp, LED, or Laser Projector? Which Kind of Light Source is better?

There are 3 major kinds of light sources commonly used in projectors: lamp, LED, and laser. 1. Lamp The lamp is widely used in traditional