VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector is a popular model of the VANKYO Leisure series.

The projector captures a lot of customers with a budget price and smart features. This post will have a brief review of the mini projector, helping you to better know about the projector.


VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector has two color options, black and white.  

The main lens of the projector is located on the left side is appealing. There are many heat-dissipation vents around the projector.

On the top of the projector, you can clearly see several shortcut keys, such as the power on/off button, return button, menu button, and arrow combination buttons.

Just as many budget projectors, the projector supports only manual focus and manual keystone correction. You can adjust the focus and keystone correction by rolling the two wheels on the top of the projector.

As a mini projector, the projector is compact enough. It measures 7.9*5.9*3.1 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 2.1 lbs only.


VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector adopts LCD display technology and uses LED as the light source.  It is rated at about 60 lumens in terms of brightness. It has an image contrast ratio of 2000:1, a common configuration for home projectors.

The brand markets itself as supported 1080P resolution, but its native resolution or standard resolution is 800*480P.

The brightness and resolution are not so good compared with many smart mini projectors. Its image performance under ambient light or during the daytime may be poor.

The plus is that the projector supports 1080P, meaning that you can play videos of 1080P at your home.

VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector can project an image size up to 170 inches, providing users with a big-screen experience. The minimum screen size it can project is 32 inches.

Smart Features

VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector has rich and various interface ports, including a USB port, HDMI port, VGA port, and TF interface, which are compatible with TV Stick, PS4, laptop, PC, DVD, and smartphones, enabling users to play games and watch movies using the projector.


VANKYO Leisure 3 mini projector is popular because of its price and smart features. The resolution and brightness are not good enough. However, it can be titled as a budget-friendly projector taking its price into consideration.

The projector is available at a retail price of $99 on many mainstream e-commerce platforms.

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