Animal Torch & Projector is a hot product from Brainstorm Limited. Just as the name indicates, Animal Torch & Projector can be viewed as both a torch and a projector. In this post, Iā€™d like to call it a projector.

Animal Torch & Projector Review?

The projector is suitable for children (elder than 3 years old) to have pajama parties and sleepovers. It is also suitable as a gift for boys and girls who like animals.

Animal Torch & Projector includes three slide discs, which can project 24 different color images of wildlife animals, including tigers, giraffes, elephants, alligators, monkeys, tortoises, etc. The screen size is about 39ā€ (about 1 meter in width), a relatively big screen for children.

The projector can also work as a normal torch without the slides in place.

The projector adopts energetic contrast colors of yellow and green, which fits for the taste of children.

Animal Torch & Projector measure only 11 cm in length and weighs just 60g, similar to the weight of an egg. The size and weight of the projector are suitable for children to use.  It has three built-in LR44 batteries, enabling users to replace them easily.

How to Use The Animal Torch & Projector?

  • Swap and change the slides easily by pulling back the plastic flap and inserting the chosen disc
  • Rotate the disc round to view the fantastic color images.
  • Turning the lens head to focus.


Animal Torch & Projector has both cute designs and practical features. In view of its pricing, it is a good choice for a cute projector. The slide and disc design can also provide more fun for children.

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