Jinhoo projector is a cost-efficient LCD projector brand. Among its product portfolio, Jinhoo M10 is the most popular model. The article will review the Jinhoo projector M10 Wi-Fi Version in detail, helping you to make a wise decision.

Jinhoo Projector Review | Jinhoo M10 Wi-Fi Version


Jinhoo projector M10 Wi-Fi Version adopts white as the main color and black as the embellishment. The main lens module is eye-catching on the left side of the front panel. You can see the brand logo Jinhoo at the bottom of the front panel. The overall style is simple and elegant, suitable for many home decoration styles.

Jinhoo M10 Wi-Fi Version

On the top of the projector, there are two knobs for keystone correction and focus correspondingly. You can roll the knob to make the image clear and rectangular. There are shortcut buttons on the top panel for quick operation. The hollowed vents are exquisite and practical for heat dissipation.

Jinhoo M10 Wi-Fi Version

The interfaces are equipped on the right panel of the projector.


Jinhoo projector M10 Wi-Fi Version adopts LCD display technology, which is commonly seen on many multimedia projectors.

It has a native resolution of 1280*720P and supports 1080P resolution. Jinhoo projector M10 Wi-Fi version has 6500 Lux, not ideal for daytime use but ideal for watching videos in a dark environment.

The projector can project a screen size of 32’’~176’’ within 1.5m-5m. You can use the keystone and focus knob to adjust the image.


Jinhoo projector M10 Wi-Fi version is equipped with HDMI, VGA, AV, USB interfaces, which are compatible with TV Box, TV Stick, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, USB Flash Drive, players, etc.

Jinhoo projector M10 Wi-Fi version interface

More importantly, the projector supports Wi-Fi, you can mirror your iPhone or Android phone in a wireless way. Of course, you can also choose wired mirroring for a stable and quick connection.


Jinhoo projector M10 Wi-Fi version is very cost-efficient in view of its Wi-Fi, screen mirroring, native 720P, and elegant appearance. You can just put the projector on your wish list of 2022 budget projectors. As the only Wi-Fi model of Jinhoo projectors, the M10 is a good choice for you.

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