Jinhoo M10 and Jinhoo M20 are both LCD mini projectors. They share similar shapes, designs, and market positioning. This article will compare the two projectors side by side, helping you to know their differences.

Jinhoo M10 vs Jinhoo M20


Both the two projectors adopt a contrast color of white and black. They both have two rotary knobs for manual keystone correction and manual focus. But they have slight differences in terms of logo and heat dissipation vents.

Jinhoo M10 vs Jinhoo M20

The brand logo of Jinhoo M10 is printed at the bottom of the front panel while the brand logo of Jinhoo M20 is located at the corner of the top panel. The vents of Jinhoo M10 are reticular while Jinhoo M20 is linear.


Both the two projectors are LCD projectors with LED as the light source. They have both 720P resolution and contrast of 2,000:1. But they are different in terms of brightness.

Jinhoo M10 has 6,500 lumens while Jinhoo M20 has only 6,000 lumens. Jinhoo M10 is brighter than Jinhoo M20.  In terms of screen size, both the two projectors can project a screen size of 32- 176 inches. They both support manual keystone correction and focus adjustment.


Jinhoo M10 and Jinhoo M20 are all multi-media projectors. They have no built-in system and internal storage. Therefore, connectivity is critical. Both the two projectors are equipped with HDMI, VGA, AV, and USB interfaces, which are compatible with TV Box, TV Stick, PCs, Laptops, Tablets, USB Flash Drive, etc.

 Jinhoo M10
Jinhoo M10
 Jinhoo M20
Jinhoo M20

Compared with Jinhoo M20, Jinhoo M10 is much better in terms of wireless connection. Jinhoo M10 supports Wi-Fi and wireless screen mirroring while Jinhoo M20 doesn’t support these features.

Jinhoo M10


Both the two projectors are budget portable LCD projectors. Compared with Jinhoo M20, Jinhoo M10 is better in terms of wireless connectivity, but none of them support Bluetooth.

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